10 Best Android Action and Adventure Games in 2019

Best Android Games

Android Games: 

best android games

Android games are a common feature in your smartphone which can keep you engaged. Experts related to the field admit the fact that such games can really be interesting if you are looking for some fun-based activities while taking a break from your busy schedule.

10 best android games: A list

Android games can be differentiated on the basis of the narratives it can offer. Visual arts can also be an important feature which can differentiate one android game from the other. In this blog, we give you a list of games which can be played by you in order to keep yourself engaged for hours.

1. Ocean Horn

This is an interactive which has a terrible soundtrack. Loaded with powerful visuals the game is quite easy to play as well.

Best Action Games Oceanhorn

2. Broken Age

Helping the players to understand a meaningful story to relate, this game can be real fun if you know how to play this.

Best Android Games Broken Age

3. Dragon Ball Legends

This is an informative game which can offer you a series full of fun-loving activity.

Best Android Games Dragon Ball Legends

4. Real Racing 3

If you enjoy games related to car racing then real racing 3 is a game for you. Offering you clear visual tracks, the game can really offer you a lot of fun.

Real Racing 3 best android game

5. PUBG Games

Such games can give you an opportunity of scavenging on identified spots in order to allow you to kill. This is a violent game and experts suggest that you play it only if you are capable.

best android game PUBG

6. Horizon Chase

Unique selling proposition of the game relates to the photo visuals. Offering you some real fun, the game can be very engaging to lift your spirits.

Best Android game Horizon Chase

7. Into the dead 2

If you are looking for some ‘zombie-killing fun’ you can look forward to the game.

best android game Into the dead 2

8. Pokemon go

This game is a perfect blend of visual with the digital. Designed mostly for young aged adults the game is widely accepted in the Indian market.

best android game Pokemon go

9. Fortnite

One of the most popular games on the android platform the game can teach you to play strategically. The game can be downloaded from the website pertaining to Epic Games.

Best Android game Fortnite

10. Second Galaxy

If you are looking for Galaxies to explore then Second Galaxy can be the right choice. The concept is based on role-play games and can help you to explore yourself!

best android game Second Galaxy


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