10 Best Destinations to Visit in Dubai

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Dubai: An amazing tourist destination

Have you ever visited Dubai? If yes, you must have been excited about the urban landscape that Dubai offers.  Dubai, as has been described by travelers had always been one of the amazing tourist spots. Tourists who had visited the destination remain to be awestruck due to the excellent infrastructure that Dubai hosts. From the land of ‘tallest skyscrapers’, Dubai had gradually emerged as one of the premier tourist destinations across the globe.

Major destinations in Dubai that can engage you heavily as a tourist:

1. Burj Khalifa:

Happened to be one of the tallest structures in Dubai, such architectural skyscrapers are very rare to find. Standing at a height of 828 meters height this structure happens to be one of the amazing ones for attracting global tourists

The Burj Khalifa

2. The Dubai Fountain:

Want to experience awe-inspiring dance?  Then, you must visit this destination which is a feast to your eyes. It is better to visit after the sunset, as you can see the excellent lighting arrangements.

Dubai Water Fountain

3. The Dubai Mall:

If you have never ever visited ‘Dubai Shopping Mall’, we are sure that, you must have missed out on a lifetime’s opportunity.  Not merely a shopping mall, such an architecture hosts a lot of facilities for the locals as well as the tourists.

Dubai Mall

4. Palm Jumeirah:

This is a beautifully created island that is constructed in the shape of a palm. This destination is identified as one of the largest islands created artificially across the globe.

Palm Jumeirah

5. Beach at JBR:

The beach at JBR is a ‘must-visit’, which allows the tourists to eat, shop as well as enjoy. This is a crowded destination and it remains to be well connected to the main city

Dubai beach at Jumeirah Beach Residence

6. Dubai Creek

An unusual destination to be visited in Dubai, this creek is actually said to reflect the spirit of Dubai. Nothing but a saline estuary, Dubai Creek needs to be visited by all and sundry.

dubai creek harbour

7. Dubai Marina:

A beach to be walked upon, the landscape had been created by the architects. You can indefinitely enjoy some ‘irresistible retail therapy’, at the said destination

Dubai Marina

8. Kite beach:

If you are thinking of enjoying some water sports, then this is the right destination for you. This beach can keep tourists engaged for long and one can have a beautiful view of Burj Khalifa as well.

Kite beach dubai

9. AL Fahidi Historical Place:

This is one of the best walkaways within the city which can make one nostalgic.

Dubai AL Fahidi Historical Place

10. The Arabian Desert:

In order to have a majestic view of the desert, you can straight take ride from the downtown. You can go for a camel ride if you want.

desert safari in dubai


Dubai probably is one of the most interesting destination for tourists globally. The place offers amazing landscape coupled with state of the art infrastructure as well.

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