10 Best Killer Tips for Pocket Friendly Travel

best travelling tips

best travelling tips

Have you ever thought of travelling alone? As a matter of fact, most of us would love to travel right? But, travelling to ‘not so popular destinations’ require a lot of planning. Budget remains to be an important constraint for most of us however. But, expert travelers keep on emphasizing that, planning in priority can really serve your needs better.

In this blog we do give you certain tips on how to go about the same so that you can enjoy the trip that you make.

10 best killer tips for travelling to your dream destination

1. Checking the destination on Internet (On Google Map)

Google maps for travel

This is really going to work out well, especially when the destination had never been visited earlier. This will help you to understand better about the location as well as the key destinations surrounding the main one.

2. Understand the modes of travel

Mode of travel

This is an important task. Make a plan according to your budget. Consider train fare vs. airfare. Also check out on the road connectivity.

3. Make a checklist of your luggage

luggage check list

If you are travelling to an international destination, make sure that, you make a checklist of your luggage items. If you are visiting a sea shore, do not forget to carry your swimsuit or the underwater camera.

4. Check out on the hotels or other accommodation facilities


This remains to be an important task. Checking out on the hotels is a mandate as this needs to be related to your budget. Also look for budget accommodation which can be fitted with your budget.

5. Plan the itinerary

Plan the itinerary

This is one of the most important tasks that, you need to do. Planning your itinerary remains to be a priority so that you can engage yourself better.

6. Make a list of medicines that you need to carry

This is considered to be important as adaptation to a foreign environment can cause harm to your body.

7. Carry a map and guide of the destination


The map and the guide is necessary thing in your travel. This will help you to discover the famous destination for your travel location and it will be help to make your route plan.

8. Call the hotel in priority

Booking your rooms is important but make a call to the hotel so that you understand about the related services. Understand whether the hotel you have booked can help you with sight- seeing at a low cost.

9. Don’t forget some hilly essentials

Hilly essential

This is more so applicable for hilly destinations. Carrying an extra pair of shoes is always helpful. Carry some skin care lotion or cream because hilly weather cool and dry, always keep some napkins, umbrella and water or snow resistant clothes.

10. Keep your travel document handy


 Travel documents are important because they are usually checked at hotels and airports. Make sure that you carry your travel tickets, passport and your identity card before you leave.

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