10 Best Things to Know About Norway and Northern Lighting

Some interesting facts norway tour

Northern Norway: Some interesting facts

Have you ever visited Norway? Supposedly one of the richest economies across the globe, Norway offers you a comfortable stay. But if you ask about the natural weather conditions in Norway, then you get to know certain interesting findings.

Some interesting facts about Norway

The Concept of Northern Light:

Many of the tourists visiting Norway had enlightened us on this. Northern lights comprise soaring lights which can be seen in the skies of Norway especially during September till late March. The reason for such displays is that Northern Norway remains to be mostly dark during the same period. Natural light goes off suddenly during early afternoons and light is again resumed the next day late morning. This remains to be a natural phenomenon. The halo of lights soaring over the sky is also known as ‘Aurora Borealis’.  Scientifically speaking, such a phenomenon remains to be simple. Such lights are created from the collision of the electrically charged particles which are originated from the sun. It is interesting to note that, such a celestial ballet is reflected in various colors of the vigor.

What are the tourist activities that you can plan for if you are visiting Norway?

Lively scenes of the night when Northern lights soar

If you ask a majority of the tourists about their enduring plans while visiting Norway, most of them shall come up with some interesting ideas for enjoyment. Besides, enjoying the northern lights, tourists visiting Norway can explore the following opportunities:

  1. Lively scenes of the night when Northern lights soar
  2. Museums
  3. Opportunities related to fishing in the local water bodies
  4. The scenic beauty of the villages
  5. A rich ice-filled landscape
  6. Skiing and hiking
  7. Dog Sledding
  8. Explore the local culture ( Sami culture) and the local cuisine
  9. Wildlife Safaris
  10. Enjoy the nonpolluted tranquil atmosphere on the whole

Northern Norway husky dogs ski


Norway is one of the richest economies globally and is visited by millions of tourists across the world. The destination is quite popular for the so-called ‘Northern Lights’, which is a natural phenomenon enjoyed by tourists annually during the period of September and March. The spot hosts popular tourist entertainment activities which range from fishing to skiing, visiting the local pubs and restaurant, in addition to exploring a pollution-free landscape. Frequently visited from September to March, Norway can offer a convenient stay for tourists within their budget!

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