10 Books You Need to Read

10 best books

1. The Great Gatsby: F. Scott Fitzgerald


The Great Gatsby is understood to be a perfect read for readers who would like to read novels. The story is related to obsession, in the environment of love, directed through money based dealings which shall take the reader through a family drama worthy reading.

2. To Kill a Mocking Bird: Harper Lee


The novel was first published during 1960. Having been sold largely amongst the masses, the story remains to be timeless. The content carries you through a racial justice which shall keep you engaged for ages.

3. On the Road: Jack Kerouac

10 books ever read

The novel is a must-read which carries you through an incident related to post war time. The story talks about the plight faced by a young generation, in the light of war which shook their country. An emotional drama, the story carries you through the post-war culture which keeps a serious impact on the economy.

4. Tell me a Riddle: Tillie Olsen

famous books

Again another epic novel the story here deals with the women who continue to face various sufferings in spite of earning money. Published during 1961, the story deals with the women having a lot of wisdom, who happened to be brave and courageous as well.

5. Great Expectations: Charles Dickens

great expectations

Charles Dickens being a great writer could never disappoint you! The story is woven through an environment which talks about the various experiences in the life of an orphan child.

6. On the Road: Erich Marie Remarque

All quiet in a weatern front The story is intriguing as it unfolds the lives of the soldiers along with the civilians in Germany. At the same time, the story narrates the imbalance created in the economy due to a war and how it affects the lives of the people all across.

7. War and Peace : Leo Tolstoy

war and peace

Again another story of love and hatred interwoven in the then society, the book is a nice read, only if you understand the language. Leo Tolstoy a powerful writer takes the readers through a platform where the hatred between two countries forms the basis of people’s sufferings.

8. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter: Carlson McCullers

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

The novel is a must read as it unravels the story of a person with certain disabilities. The struggle of such persons who have a special need remain to be explored by the readers who have not yet read the story!

9. Native Son: Richard Wright

Native Son

The novel was published in 1940. The story gradually unravels the perspectives of humans in a restless society. Revolving around a murder, the story unravels the plight of humans under the shadow of despair.

10. The Road : Cormac McCarthy

The Road by

The story unfolds the struggle of a father son duo, in a contemporary society. Acknowledged to be a nice writing style, the story remains to be a must read for people interested in the nuances of human life.

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