10 Fruits Which You Must Eat in Winters

Having fruits in winter: Why is it required?

Having fruits in winter is a welcome proposition to keep us healthy. Consuming fruits during winter can help you to remain hydrated in addition to building upon your immunity. In fact, a number of fruits are readily available in the Indian market during winter which can fit your budget too!

benefits of fruits

A list of fruits that you can have during the winter:

There are a lot many numbers of fruits that you can consume during this season. Amongst the most easily available one you can get:


This is one of the most common fruits to be consumed during the winter. Having a requisite amount of Vitamin C, orange can help you to avoid common cough and cold.

Benifits of Orange

2. Guava:

Although this fruit is not much available you can get guava during winter in certain markets. Guava can help you to boost up your natural immunity.

Benifits of guava

3. Coconut water:

The water of coconut can be readily consumed as coconut water can keep your system hydrated. As winter causes internal dryness, coconut water can really be helpful.

Benefits of Coconut water

4. Apple:

Apple is an all-season fruit that can help you to get natural vitamins and minerals.

Benefits of Apple

5. Kiwi:

Kiwi is not very tasty to be consumed, kiwi can help you to fight diseases.

Benefits of Kiwi

6. Riped papaya:

A good option for people suffering from liver diseases, papaya in the riped form can help you to get rid of constipation.

Benefits of Riped papaya

7. Grapes:

This fruit is usually not readily available during winter. However, you might buy it at a high price if you like the taste.

Benefits of Grapes

8. Water Caltrop:

This happens to be very useful in terms of keeping your system hydrated. Good to eat, such fruits help you with low calories as well.

Water Caltrop

9. Bananas:

These fruits are commonly available in all markets. It helps in getting the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Benefits of Bananas

10. Pomegranates:

Pomegranates can help you to gain on the blood iron content.

Benefits of Pomegranates


Consuming fruits remain to be necessary during the year. However, winter poses some major health risks which can be reduced through seasonal fruit consumption.

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