10 Great Places of Your Dream Where You Would Want To Go

Have you ever dreamt about a luxury vacation in Europe or Australia? But then, suddenly you stop yourself in midway thinking about your wallet! A recent survey was conducted by a travel agency about the dream destination of vacation. Below is the list of top 10 fantasy trips for travelers who weren’t able to fulfill their dream due to budget constraint.

1. Australia

Australia is the top favored place of travelers for their fantasy vacation if money were no matter of concern. People wish to travel in the Great Barrier Reef, tropical climate of Cairns and to witness the sail-like cityscape of Sydney.


2. Bora Bora

U.S. News & World Report recently awarded Bora Bora the title of “the best island in the world”. The serene island in the South Pacific with the tropical climate and crystal-clear water is stunning as well as an extremely expensive location for a vacation.borabora100518-3

Best Time to Visit Bora BoraBOR_1131_aspect16x9

3. A Cruise Around The World

The Cunard cruise line arranges three such around-the-world voyages in a year. over the course of three months, the cruise will halt at 78 locations on six continents. No doubt, this option is pretty lucrative for voyagers.


4. Tahiti

Among the 118 islands of French Polynesia, Tahiti is the largest, and busiest one. Tahiti is famous for its over water bungalows which are designed similar to traditional island houses and scenic archipelago.d2e8c0cbfac500741cc4b777115415ae

5. Italy

Italy is a dream vacation destination for many travelers for the amazing cuisine, the famous wine and the loving people.shutterstock_110843582-1400x500

6. European River Cruise

If you want to explore the essence of old cities in Europe, a European river cruise is the best way to do that. You can overlook dozens of oldest cities of Europe which were constructed on the banks f river like Danube and Rhine. You can also witness many UNESCO World Heritage Sites.river-cruise-europe-davidsbeenhere-1280x768

7. South Africa

South Africa has many attractive tourist locations including the bustling city of Cape Town, the wilderness of Kruger National Park and many more. “The strong attraction of the silent places, of the large tropic moons, and the splendor of the new stars” – wrote by Teddy Roosevelt during his African safari. In 1915.

8. United Arab Emirates

If you want to climb the world’s tallest skyscrapers in Dubai or enjoy a luxurious life like a king in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates is the perfect dream destination for you.private-dubai-city-tour

9. Cruise through the Mediterranean

Many people dream about a voyage through the Mediterranean if money-is-no-object for the trip. for decades, Mediterranean has attracted luxury travelers for the beautiful scenic view of white-washed stucco villas and the taste of fresh fish taken out of a salty sea.rewrite_eastern-mediterranean-4

10. Fiji

Fiji has been one of the most favored destinations of travelers for its cinematic landscape. You can also rent a whole island of Laucala to spend a luxurious vacation.kokomo-island-fiji-63019-cropnansi-pool-5559-hor-feat

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