10 Homemade Candle Ideas with Special Fragrance

The most popular festival of India, Diwali is just a few days away. Diwali is the festival of lights and people decorate their homes with beautiful lightings. They use diyas, different types of lights for example lamps, disco lights, blinking hanging lights, and candles. Among all the lighting options for Diwali, candles make one of the most preferred choices. People not just buy designer candles from the market but also try their hands on making candles to give their decoration a personal touch. Thankfully, with the easy access to the internet, people can now easily find different ideas to make homemade candles with waste materials. If you also want to make candles yourself this Diwali, here are some ideas for you:

Before moving on to the different types of homemade candles with special fragrance, let’s check the process to make candles.

Step-1 Choose your wax

Step- 2Melt the wax- Take a pan, fill it with water and place it on the gas. Let the water boil. Till your water boils cut the wax into small pieces and pour into a jar. Now place this jar in the middle of the water pan with the help of a stand.

Step-3 After your wax turns into the liquid form you can add fragrance to it.

Step- 4Place a fine thick wick.

Different candle making ideas:

  1. Make single colored candle in medium size by pouring your wax into the mould. Let it dry for required hours. Some wax needs at least 24 hours time to set perfectly. But few waxes need only a couple of hours to get set. Remove the mould and cut the thread safely.
  2. For triple colored candle, pour one colored wax in a one-third quantity, let it dry and then pour the wax in another color. Now pour third layer and again let the material dry. Your triple color candle is ready to beautify your home.
  3. Use coconut bowls to pour the wax to have beautiful decorative candles on this Diwali.
  4. You can also use different types of painted diyas to make candles. Pour wax and when it is almost dry, spread some sparkles to have a beautiful effect.
  5. Take any thick and transparent glass from your kitchen and put some stones. Pour wax into it and let it dry to get into the right shape.
  6. Use small mataki which are also used to make kulfi. Paint them beautifully and after drying them use to make candles.
  7. To make floating candles use the cap of Kissan jam bottle. It will look beautiful in a big circle. Decorate with beads and sparkles.
  8. Used steel bowls in same size and shape can to make candles. You can also place these candles, in a bowl of a larger size.
  9. You can make some small or big statues with a blank space for candle. Melt the wax and pour it in the empty space to get into the right shape.
  10. Use crystal showpieces and small jars to make candles. Use glass paint to paint them first then make beautiful candles.

Try above-mentioned ideas and make beautiful candles with a special fragrance to impress your guests on this Diwali.

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