10 Summer Recipes That can be Made with Chocolate

Pomegranate Chocolate Mousse

Summer recipes with chocolate: An introduction

Tasty chocolate recipe

Summer is the season when you prefer to stay indoors. If you are a housewife, we are sure that you shall prefer your kids to stay back at home during late afternoons due to the scorching heat! Experts as a matter of fact, say that, summer is one of the best seasons to enjoy with your kids, as they are confined indoors. At the same time, you can revise your culinary skills as well.

But what kind of recipes do you prefer during hot summers? Most of the common people had agreed to the fact that, they would like to have something sweet during summers. For children of course, if asked, they say that, they like chocolates. In order to prepare such combo recipes, most of the housewives agree to prepare chocolate based items. Read this blog to know more.

What are the most common chocolate based recipes that can be prepared during summers?

Experts’ chefs have given a complete guidance on preparing the following items during summer. These are

1. Chocolate cakes: Chocolate cakes can make you fall in love once again. You can use dark chocolates in order to make the cake. Make sure that you have an oven where you can prepare such cakes.

Best Chocolate Cake

2. Chocolate custard: In order to prepare chocolate custards you can follow the usual procedure. You need to add milk along with choiceable fruit pieces to enhance the taste.

chocolate custard

3. Choco taco: In order to prepare choco taco you need to have eggs, egg whites, vanilla and salt extracts. The taste of choco taco can take you to heaven.

chocolate tacos

4. Choco Ice cream bars: Make sure that you store a lot of ice candies in order to prepare choco ice cream bars. Choco dipping needs to be done for quite some time before you serve your children.

choco bar icecream

5. Chocolate milk shakes: Chocolate based milk shakes are quite common for children in India. Make sure that you serve it proper with either hot or cold bases.

chocolate milkshake recipe

6. Chocolate oat fondant: This is a chocolate oat based formulae which can keep your taste buds waiting. The volume of oats needs to be measured as a consistent mix in order to bring in taste.

chocolate oat fondant

7. Chocolate Rasmalai Terrine: A recipe exclusively suited during summer chocolate rasmalai terrine remains to be calorific enough in order to equip your children with wholesome energy

Chocolate Rasmalai Terrine

8. Chocó-Muesli rocks: This is an uncommon recipe pattern which can be a favourite amongst the children.

Chocolate museli rocks

9. Chocolate Mousse mixed with pomegranates: Identified to be a tempting recipe such a mix requires fresh pomegranates.

Pomegranate Chocolate Mousse

10. Chocolate muffins: Chocolate muffins are prepared with the use of dark chocolates and remain to be favourites with the children.

chocolate muffine


Chocolate based recipes are quite common in Indian households especially during summers. However, these recipes are quite elaborate and housewives are suggested to go for further reads in order to prepare the same.

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