4 Truly-beneficial Pregnancy Care Mobile Apps

mobile apps related to pregenancy

According to UNICEF, pregnancy, and childbirth, related issues are taking the life of around 800 women across the world. And around 20 percent of them are from India. It is really shocking!

Some misconceptions about pregnancy is increasing maternal death rates, birth defects, low birth weight and the issues like neonatal infections. So proper antenatal care needs to be taken by a pregnant woman and her family to avoid such issues. Antenatal care refers having regular check-ups, healthy lifestyle and other considerations during the pregnancy.

With the evolving technology, today antenatal care has been easier than ever. Yes, mobile apps have brought antenatal care at our fingertips. So there is a great demand for pregnancy care mobile apps and mobile application development companies who develop such apps. Below we are listing out some of the tops antenatal care apps.

4 Truly-valuable Pregnancy Care Mobile Apps:

Cloudnine Pregnancy

Cloudnine is a premier birthing, women and childcare facility in India. The app provides necessary information and resources related to pregnancy. The app provides you weekly updates about your and your baby’s health progress, which will help you understand your pregnancy better. You can understand the aspects such as baby’s development, size, and weight regarding baby’s growth for every passing month, through visual information and articles provided in the app.

What you should be eating and how should be your exercise? Everything you can get in Cloudnine Pregnancy. You can receive tips and information from Cloudnine experts to manage the pregnancy. The features like kick counter, weight scale, and contraction monitor allow you to analyse every happening in your pregnancy. You can even update your pregnancy progress on your social media networks with your family and friends.

You can even book doctor’s appointment, talk to a Cloudnine representative, find the nearest Cloudnine center and notify the hospital when you’re in labour. The app also provides you details on the things you require during the delivery. 

Platforms: Android and iOS (may be available soon)

Price: free

In some cases, blood transfusion is requisite during pregnancy and birth. The unavailability of blood may push pregnant woman and baby into serious risks. But the app called iRelief developed by FuGenX Technologies helps to avoid it. The app can be used to book ambulance and request for required blood type/quantity.

ANC in Ayurveda

ANC in Ayurveda is an antenatal care app developed by Trupti Naikare, a B.A.M.S. student of Tilak Ayurved College, Pune. She bagged first prize under Humanities category for this achievement, at State Level Inter-University Research Convention, Avishkar, held at Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded.

The app provides pregnant women information on ayurvedic diet, treatments and Yoga advises. The information is based on the scientific methodology of WHO and other researches. The app also tells you when you should call the doctor, as well as provides info on nausea, bleeding, cramping and discharge. Other valuable features and facilities the app offers include pregnancy planner, immunization suggestions, info on labour process, due date calculator, normals and abnormals during the pregnancy, month wise diet and supplements, ayurvedic medicines, ANC visit schedules and cautions on harmful OTC drugs. The app even helps to manage emergencies. The app is especially focused on Indian pregnant women.

Platform: Android and iOS (app may be available for real users soon)

Price: free

BabyBerry Pregnancy Parenting

BabyBerry Pregnancy Parenting provides a personalized pregnancy tracker, pregnancy calendar, baby vaccination chart, pregnancy nutrition tips, baby kick counter and more. The app also provides growth charts, baby care tips, health records manager & parenting tips to take care of a newly born baby. You can also use the same app to consult a doctor and clarify your doubts. You can even discuss your queries, problems with other parents and get advice at BabyBerry forum, a special feature in the app.

Pregnancy Tracker feature keeps a check on weight & body changes

Get weekly foetus development reports.

Pregnancy nutrition tips by leading experts

Baby vaccination charts & schedules in India, with reminders

Track baby kicks

Platform: Android and iOS

Price: free

Pregnancy Week By Week

Pregnancy Week By Week is a very simple and easy to use pregnancy care mobile app. The app is very informative, which provides you details on baby’s growth on every moving week. Below are other important features of the app:

Track your pregnancy week by week

Calculate current week of pregnancy

Calculate due date (pregnancy date)

Track your weight and baby kicks

Platforms: Android

Price: free


Before following the guide and tips provided in the app, you are suggested to cross-check it with your doctor. So you can experience the best joy of pregnancy and maternity. In case you’re developing a pregnancy care mobile app as an entrepreneur, you should choose a mobile application development company who has the best understanding of the domain.

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