5 Best Small-Space Solutions For Your Bedroom

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A bedroom that part of the house where you spend a considerable amount of time whenever you are at home. That space is sacred. It is “yours”. When you return home tired and haggard, after a long day at work, all you want to do is freshen up and get snug in your bed.

A bedroom also happens to be that space where you stack all your daily essentials; which means if it is a small bedroom, you might struggle with storage and keeping the room uncluttered. if in your case, you actually do then we totally understand that!

It is impossible for you to remove important or favourite stuff or store it some other part of the house just because you don’t have enough space in your bedroom. Here are ten smart decor tips to help you make your small bedroom a lot more spacious:

1) Clear the floor space, hang in style

Since small bedrooms have limited floor space, it is a bit tricky to fit everything on the ground. The bed covers majority of the area of the room. Then there are side tables and cabinets which are must-haves. To resolve this, use night stands that hang from your ceiling.

It’s a bit unconventional, but this will not only look stylish but also make some space in the bedroom. If you can’t place too many drawers in the bedroom, use wall hooks. Hang your bag, clothing and other essentials on the hooks.

Similarly, you can also hang a basket to store all your knick-knacks in it instead of utilizing the space in the drawers.

2) Opt for space-saving furniture

Every bedroom needs to have some sort of seating arrangement. Why not get ottomans and poufs to serve the purpose? The best thing about these pieces of furniture is that you can store the things you don’t need so often in them and they also make for comfortable seating!

Alternatively, you can purchase a bed with drawers. This way, you can store magazines, clothing and other basics in it without taking any space! A fold-down desk is also a great investment. Pair the desk with a chair or sit on the bed if the desk is kept near it.

You can even keep a table right beside your bed which can serve as a bedside table when you are not working. Use the space below the bed to slide in things like shoes, bags, umbrellas, and more.

3) Play it safe with lighter hues

A smart way to make your small bedroom more spacious than what it actually is, is by doing up the space with a light colour palette. Baby pink, sky blue, light green and even yellow with white will make your room look bigger.

If you use a lot of white in the decor scheme, your bedroom will look cleaner and tidier. Have you seen Scandinavian houses before? Yup – they look spic and span and so spacious! You can achieve the same non-chaotic scheme with lighter hues.

4) Decorate with mirrors

These decor accents are fantastic! A mirror has the power to add depth to any space. Hang a huge mirror on one of the walls in your bedroom. It will not serve the purpose from a functionality point of view but also reflect more light within the room.

If you follow this tip, and place a mirror or a cluster of mirrors in your room, you will achieve the desired effect. You can also place a standing mirror instead of a hanging one. The bigger the mirror is, the better it is.

5) Keep it airy and bright

Of course – why not? Let your bedroom breathe. Instill a sense of fresh air within the spaces. If there is a small window in a room then it doesn’t matter how big your bedroom is, it will look small. The truth is small windows tend to make a room smaller.

Therefore, opt for bigger windows in your bedroom and you will find how much space you suddenly seem to have. Since this is not just a simple decor task but a major architectural activity, plan it well. Remember – you can’t go back to having smaller windows in your room on a whim.

Another advantage of having a huge window is that your room will get naturally lit. It will also look bright and exude a sense of positivity. Who doesn’t want a bedroom like that?

Wrapping up

Converting a small room into a spacious bedroom is no rocket science. All you have to make sure is that you are tactful about it. You have to take out time to strategise and make good use of the resources available in your hand.

So go ahead – put on your thinking cap on and make your bedroom more spacious.

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