5 Nature Inspired Animal Prints For Spring 2017

Designers have always taken inspiration from nature all around us to produce designs that make us more aware about our surroundings. Animal prints of all kinds have been a big hit year after year whether on the red carpet or out on the streets. Here are 5 nature inspired animal prints you must have in your closet this Spring Summer 2017.

1) Leopards and Cheetahs Prints

One of the most used forms of print, the leopard and cheetah have been an inspiration for decades at the runways. From side-slit skirts, cover-ups and even lingerie, this is a bold and fierce trend that you must have in your closet. Pair such hedonistic prints with jewel tones or subtle nudes.

Leopard & Cheetah Print
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    2) Snakeskin Prints

The pattern on their skin is one that designers keep reinventing for their collection. Spring Summer 2017 mixes multiple trends with the snakeskin pattern to create a new look at the runways. Snakeskin print with metallic hues or mixed with silver sequins are a trend for the party fanatics.

Snakeskin Prints
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3) Striped Zebras Prints

Black and White outfits in zebra patterns are a timeless classic which have been a part of the runway designs for years. Designers have added neon hues to this quintessential form and added a fresh appeal, especially in the nail art industry. These eye catching and daring prints are what makes a statement and are easy to look tacky in when overdone. For starters, it is easy to pair an accessory such as a scarf or clutch in zebra prints before buying a fur coat with this pattern all over.

Striped Zebra Prints
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4) Bugs Prints

Nothing goes unnoticed in nature where even the tiniest creature makes a mark in the fashion industry. A variety of designers have given their take on the insect world ranging from pretty butterflies and ladybugs to beetles and dragonflies. These prints are easy to incorporate into your everyday look with t-shirts and shirts. You can make this look dressier by pairing skirts and stilettos with your insect print blouses. This summer 2017 you can even choose to wear coordinates with bug prints all over. 

Bugs Prints
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5) Wings of a Bird – The Bird Prints

Talking about animal prints and motifs, it is important to mention the birds which inspire designers every year to create collections with this theme. From peacocks to flamingos, all have been featured in everyday fashion. With the evolution of designs on the runway, street style bloggers and the masses eventually have learnt the best ways to include fauna in their everyday wardrobes.

Bird Prints
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Animal prints are the exotic patterns which are classic in the fashion industry and have stood the test of time. It is surely not everyone’s favourite go-to style, yet in order to stand out in the crowd, these are the best pieces you should opt for. With time, designers have transformed the neutral beiges, browns and blacks to more head-turning hues such as neons and candy pinks. If you fear that the print is too much for your closet, start with smaller doses such as an animal print clutch or scarf or even footwear.

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