5 Ways To Decorate The Dusty Old Corner Of Your Home!

The task of cleaning and decoration is going in the full swing in almost each home in India. Along with the cleaning, decorating the home for Diwali also keeps going into the minds of the homeowners. People keep thinking about stylish, budget friendly and unique ideas to beautify their homes on the festival of lights. Now decorating the main areas like living room, garden, bedroom etc. is quite easy, but decorating dusty old corners of the home demand more than just some home decor pieces.

We decorate our walls, floors, roofs but we forget about the corners that always look same and become dusty and spoil your overall presentation. This Diwali let’s add a wow factor to dusty corners as well with some interesting ideas. This is the easiest way to stop dust to store at any of the corners of your home. See how you can decorate the old dusty corners in different styles to give a rare look to your entire home.

  1. Decorating bed corners: Buy two stools with drawers. Don’t buy the stools with legs. The open area between the legs of the stool will allow dust to store again. Also, remember that the stool size should be enough to cover the corners. Now use the drawers of the stools to keep your medicines, magazines, specs, and other important things you want to have at your bedtime. Place one table lamp on each table. Place one alarm clock on one stool and use second to keep your mobiles remote of TV and AC.

  1. Dining table corner: Use a transparent showcase and place some beautiful crockery inside. You can also keep some napkins, tissue holders, and candle stand at the top of the case.
  2. Sofa corners: The blank space near sofa area is the most irritating area. It allows dust to spoil the look and hygiene of your living room. Utilize this corner to keep a corner rack made of wood and glasses in a triangular shape. Use the racks to fill with decorative items, such as photo frames, vases, statues, good luck Buddha, Chinese bamboo, your own creativities and more.  This will look extremely beautiful and will also give a new look to your living area.
  3. Corridors: Buy palm trees or mogra trees for your corridors. Put these flowers in colourfully painted plant holders and place in the corridors as per the availability of space. This is the most amazing idea to not only use the old dusty corners for decoration but also to add natural look to your home to improve the hygiene and breathability of your home.
  4. Kitchen corners: For a kitchen, you can simply use the normal utility rack in three to four baskets. Use plastic bags to place on the baskets then apply jute bags in each section. Now get some small plants with a light fragrance. You can also use these racks to place some artificial fruits and vegetables.

Decorate all the corners of your home and enhance the overall beauty of the home instead of just a few areas. As far as home decor items are concerned, you can explore the collection at House of Ekam https://www.houseofekam.com/. You can mix and match different things to get the perfect look for Diwali.

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