9 Attractive Accent Wall Ideas


An accent wall is the anchor of any room in the house. It is an extraordinary decor element in an otherwise ordinary living space. An accent wall instantly revamps and refreshes a barren space in homely area, a dull corner of a room and even the ambiance of the whole house.

It instills depth and gives personality to the room which is hard to miss. Whether you transform the wall with a powerful artwork or by adding texture to the wall or even by bringing forth a major architectural change – you can achieve high style in a specific area if planned right.

Are you thinking of converting an empty wall into an accent wall? Seeking a change in your home’s decor that stands the test of the time? Before you take the plunge, please acquaint yourself with these easy-to-remember ideas:

1) Artwork

Who doesn’t love a little art in the house? Make an impression with a large painting on the wall in your living room. It could be a landscape or a portrait – whatever you like and whatever looks great.

If you are not happy with just one painting, hang a few tiny pieces of art in a group to add a pinch of playfulness to the area. Please remember not to put up any other accent besides the artwork. Otherwise, the wall area will become too chaotic.

2) Wallpaper

Wallpapers have always add a wow factor to the walls, and if you pick the right one, the end result will be amazing. Pick a metallic wallpaper in gold, silver or bronze if you love bling. On the other hand, botanical or floral patterned wallpapers will never go out of style.

Wallpapers in black and grey also add a chic effect to the room. If they have some pattern on it, then it is even better. Lastly, choose pastels if you are going for solid colours, and that’s because they are softer on the eyes.

3) Mural

Now that the print technology has entered home decor, you can get custom photos resized and plastered on the wall. Murals add colour, depth and texture to the room. A wall mural is still an unconventional design scheme in homes. Therefore, now is the right time to make a statement.

There are a variety of images to choose from – city skylines, trees, flowers or even something related to pop culture. Don’t hesitate to experiment with the images.

4) Focal feature

If you have a fireplace, you are in for a treat. Treat the entire wall above the fireplace as an accent wall. Paint it in a different colour or paste a wallpaper on it. You can decorate the wall space with string lights so that the wall looks like an extension of the fireplace and stands out. What do you think?

5) Chalkboard

This is a perfect idea for a kid’s bedroom. Use the black chalk paint on an empty wall of the bedroom and transform it into a huge blackboard.

Small kids love to scribble and instead of drawing on the carpet, the curtains or the wall much to your misery, they have the liberty to be an artist in their own room.

If this is not the scenario in your house and you just want a creative corner for yourself, you can still go for it. Paint the wall of your home office or study room for you. Scribble or draw on it to refresh your mind and de-stress yourself.

6) Brick wall

Brick brings texture, character and colour to the fore. Brick walls are either painted, distressed or natural. Achieving the desired effect takes time. You can’t plan to have a brick wall one morning and decide to take it down the next night. Sure – brick walls add architectural character. But if you are not convinced, then avoid it completely.

7) Photograph gallery

Whether you clicked dozens of pictures on your DSLR camera or uploaded hundreds of them on Instagram, you must have many photos in your possession. Take prints of your favourite ones and mount them on wooden blocks. Next, hang these blocks in a symmetrical fashion to create your own gallery.

You can even create a theme – and hang only black and white photos for the chic effect. Another clever idea is to create a poster using the images and pin it on the wall. This way, you can avoid damaging your walls with nails or glue.

8) Text-on-the-wall

Are you a book lover? Got an excerpt from a book you have read a thousand times? This may sound odd but get that paragraph enlarged and printed on a wallpaper. Paste the accent on the wall and voila – you have your favourite words in the world right in front of your eyes.

9) Maps

Get a massive world map in a monochrome and paste it in your bedroom. This quirky idea will amp up the glam quotient of the room instantly. If you are a travel enthusiast, then you should definitely go for it. The map will be a constant reminder of the fact that there is still so much left to discover. What do you think?


The best part about an accent wall is you can one in each room of your house! Selecting a theme for the wall is exciting. Please make sure it complements the rest of the decor the room. Good luck!

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