Are Hair Colours really harmful for the skin/hairs?

There was a time when only the elderly used to use hair dyes, mostly black in colour, to hide the whites in their hair. Not only did they tend to look unnatural because of their pasty and jet black shade, but these hair dyes also had a lot of harmful chemicals that caused irritation when they came in touch with the skin. Now, thankfully, we have hair colors from premium brands but even then the question of their safety rages on. One can of course buy hair colors online in Mumbai and they promise to be of the best ever quality and have been made according to specific standards.

When the question arises, that whether hair colors are harmful or dangerous, what we should be more concerned about is that whether we are using them safely or not. When used correctly, and when the required precautionary measures are put in place, then hair colors are not harmful. One can buy hair colours online at best prices at StarQuik Tata online grocery store and they can also use it regularly without ever causing any long-term harm or damage to one’s skin or hair.

The other question that arises regarding the safety of hair colors is the components that go into their making. Usually, two main ingredients for making traditional hair dyes were formaldehyde and coal tar and they have been used from time immemorial. Hair dyes today no longer use them and instead in modern hair colors, they were replaced with ammonia and paraphenylenediamine or PPDs. After a prolonged study, some expressed concern over their usage as well and so today hair colors from leading brands are making ammonia free hair colors. Some assume inhaling ammonia will cause damage but that is not true either.

It is true that prolonged contact of ammonia with the skin can result in itching and blisters, especially for those with sensitive skin and this is why there is a special protective serum provided by certain leading brands when it comes to hair color. Moreover, even in other brands, the amount of ammonia has significantly reduced, so much so that one would have to color one’s hair thrice a day for years on end to notice any kind of side effects from its use! Hair colours online at Tata store in Thane Andheri are hence absolutely safe for use when the instructions are properly followed.

Today there are a number of leading brands in the market that have come up with hair colors that are rich in color and have been made with all the specifications set by dermatologists around the world.One can definitely buy hair colours from Garnier, Godrej, Nupur, India from an online store of Tata in Thane Andheriwithout any significant concern. Some, of course, fear that the tiniest hint of ammonia in hair colors might be cause for concern for pregnant women but they can consult the doctors when they think of working with hair colors.

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