Benefits of Total Knee Replacement

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Knee is the largest and one of the strongest joint in the body. It bears maximum weight of the body and is also responsible for producing movements of the legs necessary for so many basic routine activities.

Being the largest joint in the body, anatomically it is made up of numerous muscles, ligament, tendon, bones, and a joint capsule, forming a complex structure.

This structure is strong and resilient enough to endure stability for a long time, but as age progresses the body naturally starts its ageing and degenerative process, and the weakening of joints, bones and muscles also starts.

In older patients, commonly degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis , cause life-long suffering also rendering chronic damage to the affected knee Joint. Whereas in younger patients, mostly rheumatoid arthritis or severe injury to the knee joint can cause irreparable damage.

joint replacement surgery in old age

In such conditions, viable option is the Knee Replacement Surgery, also called as Knee Arthroplasty . Materials like plastic and metal is used to fill the gap between the bones that form the knee joint cavity.  This surgery is often regarded as last resort, where all the palliative and lesser invasive methods have failed.

The benefits of the surgery outweigh the risks now, as the surgery is commonly performed and better outcomes have been produced.

In severely degenerative disease or severe injury, which has rendered the patient a lesser quality of life due to restricted mobility and intense pain, knee replacement surgery can be a boon.

joint replacement surgery

It has been documented in many cases that this procedure has improved the quality of life as there is no more pain or movement restriction after it, and patient can enjoy a better life and indulge in activities more.

It has also documented that patient’s with other medical conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, cardiac conditions and obesity also have shown improvement in their medical conditions and reducing weight.

Knee replacement surgery has meted out to be one of the most successful procedures and has provided patients with a better mode of living.

total knee replacement surgery

The recovery period is also quick. The patient is made to stand up within 12-24 hours after operation and is made to walk with a stick or frame initially due to a little post-op pain and swelling which is absolutely normal.

Thereafter few sessions of physiotherapy are required for strengthening the knee and easy mobility.

The patient is ready to resume routine work after 6 to 12 weeks maximum.

It has become a safer and better option which improves the life of the patient over all the palliative treatments that does not provide long-term benefit.

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