Cakes from around the globe

A particular place is not merely determined by the kind of people who reside in that area, but also the kind of food that are part of their existence. Cakes are made differently primarily depending on the kind of ingredients that are available. Here we list a few of the famous varieties of cakes, learning a little about their origin:

IndiaMawa cake

This is milk-based, almonds cashews are added for variety. The consistency of the solidified milk or mawa is obtained by cooking the milk slowly so that the liquid evaporates. A recipe brought by the Iranis is still among the favourite desserts in India.

Germany: Black forest cherry cake

A must-have in any gathering, the black forest cherry cake gets its name from the Black Forest in Germany. It is made of a few layers of chocolate cake that is divided with cherries and frost on top.

France: Gallete Des Rois

It is prepared with layers of buttery puffed pastry topped with powdered sugar, which wrap under rich almond cream. It is baked until the outer layer acquires a toasted look. This delicacy is primarily had after Christmas in the month of January.

Greece/ Turkey: Revani

A preparation that requires minimum ingredients, Revani is a cake with flavours popping in every bite. Semolina, lemon, orange syrup are the chief essentials required to bake a Revani.

Japan: Mochi

It is prepared with rice paste. Though primarily they are made during New Year’s eve, however, the traditional Japanese mochi’s are available all year long in different varieties like ice cream and even soup.

Although every country has developed a certain taste that after eating certain kind of flavours, however, the popularity of the variety of cakes has reached beyond varieties. To skill yourself on the various types of cakes visit

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