Can Ayurveda Help in Reducing Addiction?

how can reduce the addiction with ayurvedic medicine

Ayurveda based treatment: An introduction

drug and addictio

Ayurveda based treatment can be very helpful considering the benefits that it can offer! Talking to medical experts, it has been found that, Ayurveda can be really helpful when used judiciously. However, considering the regulated dosage as well as substance abuse that can happen, it is advisable that you consume such medicines under the guidance of the doctors.

What is drug addiction and how can Ayurveda help to combat such disorders?

chronic addiction

Drug addiction is a psychological state that can create impulsive consumption of the drug. Hereby the terminology called ‘drug’, we refer to a common set of substances which include Charas, Ganja, Afeem, Cocaine, tobacco, alcohol, or any kind of such abusive products which can cause serious harm to your health. Consumption of such items on a regular basis can help in creating a compulsive disorder. However, Ayurveda can help you to get rid of such unusual habits. There are several such products that can be consumed in order to reduce the addiction related to alcohol, cannabis or opium addiction respectively. The list of such products is as given below:

  1. Kalpavat Churna
  2. Kalpavat Plus Churna for chronic addiction
  3. Surari Churna
  4. Dhumari Churna
  5. Surari Silver Churna
  6. Surari Silver Plus Churna for Chronic Addiction

Experts have agreed to the fact that cocoa herbal tea can really be beneficial in tobacco addiction. At the same time, changing a stressful lifestyle can work wonders on the whole.


Ayurvedic treatment of drug and addiction

Ayurvedic supplements are considered to be a combination of herbal medications which could have a reduced side effect. Therefore consumption of the same on a regulated dosage can have a detoxifying impact on the human body. Ayurvedic supplements can reduce the level of addiction in humans. However, management towards lifestyle needs to be initiated in order to get the best effect.

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