Starters at Punjab Grill

#TheCulinaryQuest2017 at Phoenix Market City, Chennai

Phoenix Market City has always been the place which has been frequented by youngsters and others all through the day. The mall keeps buzzing with one activity or the other. Having located very close to Guru Nanak College, the mall houses some of the top notch brands from across various industries like Gadgets, Fashion, Technology, … Continue reading #TheCulinaryQuest2017 at Phoenix Market City, Chennai


The Chocolate Room celebrates 10 Chocolicious years!

India’s distinctive boutique café, The Chocolate Room today celebrated its 10 years anniversary at its Madhapur outlet in Hyderabad. The Chocolate Room is renowned for being a specialist chocolate indulgence café, offering customers unique flavors of Italian hot chocolate, chocolate fondues, chocolate melting pots, and a variety of chocolate cakes, waffles, and Belgian chocolates among … Continue reading The Chocolate Room celebrates 10 Chocolicious years!