Cotton Rugs That are So Comfy You’ll Want to Sleep on Them

As a homemaker, you always buy the best items to decorate your home. When it comes to buying rugs, what’s the first thing that comes into our mind; yes, it is comfort and durability. Our feet work the entire day for us, sometimes they hold our entire body weight on pointed high heels and sometimes they spend eight to nine hours in tight shoes. Returning back to your home from a tiring outing or your office is always the most relaxing time. But if your home welcomes your tired feet with hardwood floor, or harsh non-comfortable rugs then definitely your legs will not enjoy their relaxing hours as much they deserve to.

If your foot can do this much for you, it’s your duty to buy best quality comfortable rugs. Here are 10 cotton rugs from the collection of House of Ekam are highly capable to give a great presentation to your floors and also these are so comfy, you will want to sleep on them:

  1. The royal Indian elephant embroidered cotton rug

2. The contemporary black embroidered cotton rug

3. Indulge in the pink embroidered cotton rug

4. Black Moroccan embroidered cotton rug

5. Caravan of life embroidered cotton rug

6. Pink charkha embroidered cotton rug

7. Garland on the sand cotton rug

8. Disco night lights cotton rug

9. Indigo mandala cotton rug

10. Funky pineapple cotton rug

Here are some features of these comfortable yet beautiful rugs available at House of Ekam

1. Handmade rugs: The all above mentioned rugs are handmade by the skilled artisans, which makes these durable and appealing.

2. Premium quality: Here at House of Ekam, we don’t compromise with quality. Here you will find premium quality handcrafted cotton rugs in some eye catchy designs.

3. Pure and natural material: 100%pure cotton material is used to make such beautiful and comfortable rugs that help you feel relaxed and even sleep on them.

4. Standard size: These rugs are available in standard size of 6ft x 4ft. So you can use these rugs for many other purposes for example, as the base of the coffee table, kids play area, garden or picnic seating and more.

5. Comfort: As these rugs are made with natural material and House of Ekam is so strict towards quality these rugs are so comfortable, you will love to sleep on these rugs. Standard size allows you to practice some yoga and other relaxation exercises on these rugs.

Say goodbye to the old style of floor mats and carpets with the latest style of these cotton rugs. These rugs will not only add beauty to your floors but also add huge comfort in your daily life. These make a great choice for families with toddlers who don’t want their kids to roll on dirty floors.

All these rugs are available at the store of House of Ekam at reasonable prices. You can also purchase these cotton rugs online with next day dispatch facility. All ten rugs are completely unique to give a rare presentation to your floors.

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