Diwali 2016 – How to celebrate it differently this year?

Last year, the city of Joy – Kolkata celebrated the festival of lights – Diwali in the best possible way. They celebrated the quietest Diwali amongst all the other states. In the real sense, the state alone actually celebrated the festival of lights rather than noise, which has come to be the norm of late, elsewhere.

Colorful Diwali Rangoli

Year-on-year, we pledge to celebrate Diwali with less pomp and show (also read as Eco friendly), but we end up making it worse than the last year. So what is it that we can do to make ourselves stick to the plan and not end up as we did in the previous years? Here is a list –

1.     Use recyclable gift wraps!

Keeping the true essence of the festival going, it is necessary to remember that gifts should be wrapped with recyclable materials only, however valuable the gift may be. People often use shiny plastic and metal glossy wraps which are detrimental to the environment. Hence, keep away from these harmful materials and use a newspaper or jute wraps instead.

2.     Rangoli full of colors with flowers and natural colors!

One of the major attractions of the festival is the Rangoli. A symbol of sharing our food and life with insects and birds, Rangoli or Kolam (in South India) is made from flowers, rice flour, rice paste and organic natural colors. This becomes a food for ants and small birds when prepared from rice and aesthetically beautiful scenery for visiting friends and families. So this time say no to synthetic colors!

3.     Use oil lit earthen diyas!


The festival of lights comes to light with these small sources of illumination. The only problem though, is the use of painted diyas. These use chemical colors which are again harmful for the environment. Apparently, candles shouldn’t be used either, since they are petroleum products and hence, affect air quality on burning. Be wise and use earthen diyas this festive season!


4.     Burn less and eco-friendly crackers only!

Prefer eco-friendly crackers over conventional chemical ones. The eco-friendly crackers are prepared from recycled papers and also burst producing low decibel sound. Go green with crackers too!

5.     Home “Sweet” Home!

A major change that you can experience this Diwali is get sweets from the best shop or prepare sweets at your home. Health is wealth this Diwali!

Eco Friendly Diwali 2016

Just around the corner, this festive season calls for a time of shared joy and happiness. Needless to say, we can make this Diwali a lot more prosperous by donating whatever we feel can be of some use to anyone in need of it. Be it clothes, be it food or anything worth sharing, do it!

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  1. Diwali is the festival which is celebrated in every part of India as well as other Countries. Diwali is celebrated on a Dark night which is basically called Amaavyasa. But with this festival Lots of Clay pots are lit to make this day a Light full day. This day people decorated their homes with colorful lights & Rangoli. In evening the day has arrived where everyone wear new attire & ready like a star for this day. They worship to Goddess Laxmi which is the goddess of Health, Wealth & Prosperity.

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