Hanging wall art designs and idea

It’s so easy to give an instant new look to your home by just changing the color of the walls or replacing the old wall hangings with new ones. If you are bored of seeing your old walls and looking for unique wall decor ideas, here are a few different and creative hanging wall art designs and ideas to beautify the walls of your living place or workplace:


Handmade glittery frames: You can repaint your old photo frames and paste some glittery decorative items. This will add some shine to your home and also look very attractive.

3D wall art: 3 D wall arts are a great way to give a live effect to your walls.3D walls have a magical power to attract people and leave them amazed.

Recycling: You can recycle old collection of some coins, tickets, postcards, used bangles and more items to create wall hangings. This different way of decoration will give a rare look to your walls and also enhance your creativity.

Paintings, Paper cuttings, Paper rosette&Fabric cuttings: You can also hang some meaningful paintings to add life to your room. To add beauty to your walls you can use paper cuttings, paper rosette or fabric cutting to prepare some unique wall hanging items and frames.

Lamps: A bright room is a great source of positive energy. You can use stylish lamps to hang on the walls to add life to the room by illuminating them.

Family photo frames: A complete family photo frame with different expressions to express a special moment can be the center of attraction when used as a wall hanging. You can decorate the wall of the living room or bedroom with family photo frame.

Clock: You can choose modern or classic wall clocks to hang on your walls. You can also mount more than one clock with the display of the time of some different countries.

Decorative Mirrors: Decorative mirrors are the easiest way to decorate your walls in a very stylish way. This source has the power to not only beautify the walls but also to add more brightness to your place.

Wall shelves– Wall shelves are the best idea to modify your walls. You can display your books, awards, and certificates with the help of some beautiful wall shelves.

This is how you can frequently change the style of your walls with some small changes. These hanging items will surely give grace to your walls when bought from a reputed online store like House of Ekamhttps://www.houseofekam.com/.All these ideas are affordable and full of uniqueness. So start shopping of wall hanging from House of Ekamhttps://www.houseofekam.com/collections/wall-art.

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