Living room decoration idea with rugs and cushion covers

The living room is totally different from any other room as this is the only room that welcomes your guests first. The first impression is always the last impression and this applies to your home as well.  If you want to impress your guests with your decorative art then don’t forget to style your living room with stylish and unique rugs and designer cushion covers. The rugs and cushion covers will not only set a beautiful presentation of your living room but will also make your walk or seating more relaxing and enjoyable.

Living room decoration ideas with rugs: Rugs and carpets are a useful solution to not just avoid miss-happening on your slippery surface but also helps to match them with the interiors of your living room. Carefully selected rugs from a right store like House of Ekam can add an element of beauty in your living room.

  1. To style living room with rugs you can use soft area rugs according to different seasons. In winters woolen rugs will provide a great presentation to your living room while keeping it warm and cozy.
  2. You can either match the color of your rugs with your sofa cushion or can go with the contrast option.Both the ideas will help to recreate something new in your living room.
  3. Utilize the spacious living room floors with bigger rugs or if the living room area is not so big you canopt for small size rugs to make your floors look stunning.

Living room decoration ideas with cushion covers: A miss match can give a tired and old look to your living room and can spoil its presentation. By choosing theright match for your cushions from House Of Ekam you can pull all the elements together and can save the presentation of your living room.


  1. Choose the right size of cushions and cushion covers. Choose small cushions for small seatings and bigger sizes for the standard seating.
  2. Match the colors of your cushion covers with a contrast of the interior for a perfect approach.
  3. Print or work of the cushions should match the theme or style of your living room decoration. No matter if your theme is classical or modern, if your selection is just according to your theme, your interior can leave a lasting impact on the visitors.

Cushion covers and rugs are the easiest and the cheapest way to change the look or style of any room in just a few minutes. But be careful during your selection because a little mistake or mismatch will spoil all your efforts of making your living room a special place for all. Keep all above mentioned important things in mind and chill out with your friends, family members and guest with an awesome interior that reflects your mood, personality, and creativity.

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