How to decorate the living room with rugs?


A rug, if chosen well can work wonders for the home decoration. It is not just limited to a piece used to complement the overall home decoration. Carefully chosen rugs for living room, bedroom, and other areas can also work as the foundation of overall home decoration theme. To decorate your living room with the rugs, you need to be careful about everything from their colors to the size, design, pattern, and fabric. Here is the simple guide to help you dress up your living room with rugs.

Buy a family friendly rug

With the maximum number of footfalls, the living room is the most used areas of the house, which brings quick wear and tear to the area rug. To ensure that your area rug in the living room lasts long without losing its beauty, buy a family friendly rug. In families with kids, wool rugs make a good choice as these can hide stains, spills etc. for some time.

Right patterns

Patterns on the rugs add more life and color to your living room. If you want to create a happy space with the help of rugs, look for some interesting and appealing patterns at online stores like House of Ekam  Here you can find a huge variety of rugs for the living room.

Create Variety

If you want to create variety in a space, rugs make a good choice. But you need to be careful when opting for multiple rugs in a single room. Don’t opt for two rugs in similar sizes as these can divide the room into two sections. Try to go for layering by buying rugs in varied sizes.

Be careful about the volume

If rugs are not the center of your overall decoration theme for the living room, control the volume. For instance, for a room with ornate pattern wallpaper, you should buy more subtle rugs. On the other hand, rugs in busier and bold patterns can be used in a living room with sober and fairly subdued walls.

Rugs as Wall Hanging

Why stick to the traditional way when you can create a unique look by using rugs as the wall hanging? Sometimes experiments can be beautiful as well.

Creating magic in the living room with rugs is possible only when you buy them from a right place. If you are confused about that right place, just explore the collection of rugs at House of Ekam and find the best options for your living room.

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