Is Ayurvedic Medicine really Effective

Is ayurvedic medicine really effective

what is arurvedic product

What are the Ayurvedic Products?

Ayurvedic products are generally assumed to be naturally made from various resources of nature. Experts from the industry of ayurvedic medicines do agree that such products hardly have any kind of side effects. Hence, very often, such products have been identified to be safe. More often than not, such kind of products has not been very often exposed to clinical trials.

However, experts do suggest that such products have been proven to be of value in the past.

Are Ayurvedic medicines supposed to be effective?

In some of the treatments which require a specialized approach, ayurvedic medicines have proved their worth. As far as a number of patients surveyed, it has been found that ayurvedic medicines are adaptable for patients suffering from arthritis and joint pain. Certain conventional studies undertaken by research analysts have proven that ayurvedic products related to rheumatoid arthritis also happened to be effective. Type 2 diabetes has also been treated effectively in certain patients.

Some Ayurvedic medicine for joint pain:-

1. Pain Niwaran Churna

2. Pain Niwaran Oil — Rajasthan Herbal

3. Pain Nil Powder

4. Asthishrunkala Powder

5. Shallaki Powder

6. Yashtimadhu Powder

7. Kairali Ayurvedic Oil Kairtis


Ayurvedic preparations are meant to be medicinal based on certain criteria. The results are positive in cases of chronic diseases. However, consuming more quantity of medication can be serious, therefore, such products need to be taken on the prescription of the doctor who practices Ayurvedic treatment.

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