Izhaar by Core Design is at International Indian Film Academy Awards 2018 (IIFA)

Izhaar by Core Designs curated by Ruchita and Anupam Bansal proudly announced the collaboration with International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA) for In-Room Hampers designed & personalised Stationery  for the guests to give expression to your feelings with Artisry, craftsmanship and creativity therefore as Izhaar’s Izhaar for IIFA 2018 we bring you an amalgamation of vegan fur embellished with mineralized agate combined with exotic sweets and personalised stationery and various plush elements which have been combined to create deluxe ampules.

“We are glad to present Izhaar’s handcrafted curation for IIFA. For this extremely special and huge event we choose a box of Hairon Material embellished with semi precious stone beholding personalised Stationery and some of our best sellers savouries. This is an amazing platform to give the celebs the taste of Izhaar and thus we Thank IIFA Team for this great opportunity says Mr. Anupam Bansal”.

About Izhaar

Izhaar is an Expression of Joy. It’s a celebration of unbridled happiness, superlative achievements, joyous togetherness and momentous occasions. Here we rejoice this feeling by foiling ones emotions with our artistry and craftsmanship. Above all originality is our core passion—words fall short in expressing love so we let our creativity speak for you.

Website– http://izhaar.co.in/

FB Link– https://www.facebook.com/coredesigns/

Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/core_designs/

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