Obesity – A Global Curse?

diseases that have been connected with obesity

Do you know that some dreaded diseases can be caused by obesity?

Obesity has been identified to be a global crush! Yes, you have heard it right! Obesity can lead to some of the fatal diseases and hence the condition has been identified to be a curse. Most of the obese people have been diagnosed with dreaded diseases. Read this blog further in order to find more information!

What are the diseases that have been connected with obesity?

diseases due to obesity

Most of the medical professionals in India had acknowledged obesity to be a root cause for most of the chronic diseases. It is important to note that, obesity is not a disease by itself. Obesity is more often than not, considered to be an asymptomatic condition.

As per the medical practitioners, these are some of the dreaded diseases that can be developed as a consequence of obesity!

1. Coronary Heart Disease:

Coronary Heart Disease reason the obesity

Coronary heart disease is a chronic disease which needs to be immediately treated. Such disease can primarily be identified with obese patients who have a high amount of lipid and cholesterol contents in the blood

2. Diabetes:

Diabetes reason of obesity

India is gradually becoming the one and only country where a majority of the population suffer from diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic condition and results from increased calorie intakes! Hence most of the patients suffer from obesity as well

3. High blood pressure:

blood pressure reason of obesity

Obese patients are generally identified to suffer from high blood pressure

4. Bone cancer:

Bone cancer

Most of the obese patients suffer from bone cancer. Obesity often causes our bones to become brittle!

5. Osteo Arthritis:


Osteo-Arthritis can be a direct consequence of being obese!

6. Gall stones:

gall stone

Formation of gall bladder stones has been associated with obesity!

7. Asthma:

obesity linked to asthma

This remains to be one of the most common diseases that can be related to obesity

8. Sleep Apnea:

obesity sleepapnea

Sleep Apnea can be one of the major causes of obesity especially in the case of middle-aged patients

9. Gastrointestinal diseases:

Gastrointestinal diseases due to obesity

Gastrointestinal diseases can be associated with obesity in general

10. Kidney failures:

Kidney failures

Obese patients actually have a slow metabolism which can affect their kidneys in the long run!

Obesity is considered to be a dangerous condition which needs to be taken care of. Being overweight in the long run can thus be life-threatening!


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