Phoenix Marketcity celebrates Bengaluru International Art Festival

Bengaluru International Art Festival

phoenix-marketcity-logoDates: 8th to 10th Sep 2017 (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

Venue: Phoenix Marketcity

Timings: 6:30 PM onwards

Entry: Free

 Bengaluru International Art Festival aims to celebrate the cultural spirit of Bangalore. Bengaluru International Art Festival brings together world class performers from the field of Music, Dance, Theatre & Visual Arts. Bengaluru International Art Festival brings world class performers in Classical Music, Theatre, Folk and Classical Dance from various parts of the World in this pioneering endeavour – Sufi Music or Classical Music, Western or Fusion, Creativity is unlimited.

Standing for innovation & integrity, AIM- Bengaluru International Art Festival serves as a great magnet for creating a vortex of energy in the space and the community at large.

Artist Line up

Mallakamba – Acrobatic show by North Karnataka Folk Artists                                                   Performance Date: 8th September (Friday)


Mallakamba, is a traditional Indian sport in which a gymnast performs aerial yoga postures and wrestling grips in concert with a vertical stationary or hanging wooden pole, cane or hanging rope. The word mallakhamba also refers to the pole used in the sport. The pole mallakhamba is usually made from the Seesham (Indian Rosewood) polished with castor oil. Three popular version of mallakhamba are practiced using the sheesham pole, cane or a rope.

Mallakhamba derives from the terms malla/mallar which denotes a wrestler and khamba/kambam which means a pole. Literally meaning “wrestling pole”, the term originally referred to a traditional training implement used by wrestlers. Mallakhamb keeps body slim, hardens muscles and ensures the proper degree of tension for each. On April 9, 2013, the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh declared mallakhamba as the state sport. More than 20 states of India have notified mallakhamba as the state sports.

Manasi Prasad & Party- Carnatic Vocalist, Karnataka, India                                                           Performance Date: 8th September (Friday)

Manasi PrasadManasi-Prasad-Vocal

Manasi Prasad is a rising star of Carnatic classical music, who combines years of traditional training with a modern outlook. She is also a trained classical dancer and an engineering and MBA graduate from IIM Bangalore, where she won the prestigious Aditya Birla Scholarship. Manasi chose her passion for music over the lure of a corporate career. Along with her year-round performance schedule in India and other parts of the world, Manasi’s activities include recording and composing music for her albums, writing and speaking on the arts, creating new productions and hosting various television shows. She is also the head of an ambitious arts project – the Centre for Indian Music Experience-which will be India’s first interactive music museum.

Manasi’s guru is Ganakalabhushana R. K. Padmanabha.She has also received training from Sangita Kala Acharya V. Subramanyam and Dr. Sriram Parasuram. She is a rank holder in the Senior and Vidwat level music examinations, and has received scholarships from the Department of Culture at the state and national levels.

Folk Rock Band – Swarathma                                                                                                             Performance Date: 8th September (Friday)

Swarathma is a Bangalore (India) based Indian Folk/fusion band. The current line-up features Vasu Dixit (vocals and rhythm guitar), Pavan Kumar KJ (percussion and vocals), Varun Murali (guitar and vocals), Sanjeev Nayak (violin and vocals), Jishnu Dasgupta (bass guitar and vocals) and Joel Milan Baptist (drums). The band’s sound draws from Indian Folk and Classical Music, blending it with Western sounds like Blues Rock and Reggae. Their lyrics are inspired by personal journeys as well as social and political themes.

Swarathma has released two full-length studio albums, the self-titled Swarathma (2009) and Topiwalleh (2012) as well as several singles and music videos. They were featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine’s India edition as well on their list of 25 Hottest Indian Bands. They swept the annual Jack Daniels Indian Rock Awards 2009, winning Band, Song and Album of the Year. They have also toured many places like Morocco, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore and are one of India’s biggest folk rock bands.

Alternative Pop Music band – Samcara                                                                                         Performance Date: 9th September (Saturday

 Samcara is an Alternative Lyrical Pop Band. A super fun Band who sing ‘ Songs of Reality ‘ where Humour, Satire, Social Awareness , Love And Hope are the 5 elements which gets the highlight in their music. They believe stories can change people’s mind. And it can create magic if it is told through music! They want to ‘ Be The Change ‘ to see the change in the society.

 Bangalore Dreams by Jyotsna Srikanth                                                                                    Performance Date: 9th September (Saturday)

Jyotsna SrikanthJyotsna Srikanth

 Jyotsna Srikanth is the most sought after British-Indian violinist and composer known for her versatility and ability to collaborate with different genres seamlessly and with ease. Being a Telugu by birth & culture, she is intensely rooted in south Indian classical music alongside having formal western classical music education.

She has performed many classical solo concerts, jugalbandhi concert & has accompanied many musicians of repute like Dr. Balamuralikrishna, Sudha Raghunathan etc. Adding on to this, she has flourished as a performer and composer, exploring lush ground in the crossover between Indian music and a variety of contemporary flavours including jazz, Irish folk, electronica, flamenco, blues, pop, Western classical and the ‘Bollywood’ music.

She is one of the very few names that springs to music collaborators while seeking artistes of high versatility across Indian jazz, Experimental music and ‘cross-over’ genres. Dr. Srikanth is featured in many major global music events and venues like WOMAD – UK, Royal Albert Hall, South Bank Centre – London, Red Violin Festival – Wales, BBC Proms, and The Music Academy – Chennai.

Mohiniyattam – Gopika Verma                                                                                                        Performance Date: 10th September (Sunday)

Gopika Varma

Gopika has performed extensively at various art festivals, sabhas and temples all over India and she has won laurels abroad when ICCR chose her to represent India. Love for this graceful and gentle dance of soft rhythm has enabled Gopika to transmit through movements and expressions that at times sigh with nostalgia, purity and sanctity which translate as her own personal worship of the Divine.

The ancient Travancore royal family has been famed down the age for its patronage of the fine arts. Gopika is married into the family to Prince Pooruruttathi Thirunal Marthanda Varma.

Sharmila Mukherjee- Odissi dancer                                                                                                   Performance Date: 10th September (Sunday)

Sharmila Mukherjee

 Sharmila Mukerjee is the founder and artistic director of Sanjali Centre for Odissi Dance in Bangalore which was established in 2004.Sharmila has won various awards like the Singar Mani from the Sur Singar Samsad ( Mumbai), the Kala Gaurav from Karnataka, and the Sironama from Kolkata .Sharmila was recently conferred with the prestigious Mahari 2016 Award from the Guru Pankaj Charan Das Foundation ( Orissa) for her contribution to Odissi dance. A Grade A artist of Doordarshan and an Established artist of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Sharmila has performed at various prestigious festivals and conferences in India and abroad in countries like Fiji, Malaysia, Australia , New Zealand, Italy, U.S.A, Indonesia and U.A.E .

Having made Bangalore home now, Sharmila continues to spread this dance form through her teaching and performances, to many students in and outside the city , and also to foreign students who come for training at Sanjali , Bangalore.

Ardhanareeshwara Kuchipudi – Dr.Venkat                                                                                Performance Date: 10th September (Sunday)

Ardhanareeshwara Venkat

 The name Dr.Venkat has become synonymous with the sculpturesque, supple, dynamic and energetic style of Kuchipudi Dance. With more than 1600 performances to his name the sheer number of which speaks volumes about his incessant and matchless zeal for his chosen art form, he brought revolution in certain aspects of contemporary Kuchipudi Dance.

Scintillated with his performances, the dance-stages in various countries like Taipei, Honkong, Thailand, Dubai, Sharjah, Malaysia, Singapore and Srilanka have showcased his dance talent. At a time when under the domination of the female Impersonation skills of male dancers and the feminine grace of female dancers, the masculine charm and appeal became wanting in contemporary Indian classical dance scene. Venkat made concerted efforts to redeem this lacuna through his own impressively masculine style of Kuchipudi Dance performances.

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