#PowerOfDigitalMedia in The Recent Era

What is Digital Media?

In this technology age, anything that we see on the web is digital media. The print is no more the dominant media because it is being replaced by the digital medium that’s quickly turning into a master of public communication. Digital media is currently the foremost effective means of achieving and increasing influence in an era of quickly increasing technology.

The Change to Media Industry

As per the survey in 2006, merely 22% of the highest fifty digital properties were of media & entertainment industries. By 2014, that ratio grew to 36%. And now the count has reached 70% of the highest fifty digital properties.

Media brands were the primary adopters of the internet and mobile technology – however in a world dominated by big digital players, how will they maintain and grow their position, is a big question?

Modern media brands have learned the way to digitally distribute their content to platforms and tracking the reach through APIs. Buzzfeed is one such example, where more than 50% content views are coming through Facebook Videos and YouTube.

According to a research, the average time spent per day of an adult with digital media will expand to 14.4% this year with plenty of that coming from rural populations gaining net access recently. This growth that has targeted on the rural population, can still be fuelled by cheap mobile devices and reasonable information plans.

Studies have shown that even now people in India majorly rely on ancient media sources like television for news and updates except one-third of the population who are accessing the internet on a regular basis. With this though digital media comes at the second place than TV in India. However, the user base of digital media is likely to increase by 2020.

Why Digital Media in Important?

These days, if a PR agency isn’t incorporating digital media, and does not have the open user digital media approach, they are going to have a troublesome time going forward. Some of the realities with digital PR is that it blends well with marketing like marketing blends well with traditional PR. This clearly depicts that journalism can’t do well without technology today.

From a user perspective, Digital Media gives the easiness of accessing any media source from newspaper to magazine, brochures, collaterals or ebooks through any internet enabled device. One cannot be left behind with any kind of update or news even if they are traveling. This proves how digital media has changed our lives. So for a brand, missing on digital means missing a big chunk of the audience.

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