Pudding for Parties


 Pudding primarily has a journey of its own and everybody has a memory attached to it. There probably is no household that did not once try to make this amazing dessert.  It is a comfort food and a perfect ending to a wholesome meal.

If you are planning to surprise your guests with a special homemade pudding delicacy, but are confused on what could be the ideal flavours, here we have a list of puddings that you can serve guests for your party.

  1. Good old pudding: If you would like to stick to basics and keep the old charm of pudding intact, use your grandmother’s recipe. To prepare this pudding you will require basic ingredients like milk, sugar, eggs, butter, and flour. Make sure you are patient and be rest assured that no guests will leave without a second serving.
  2. Mango pudding: Puddings can be as flexible as it can. You are free to experiment with the choice of fruits you wish to use. During summers when mangoes are ripe, they can be used giving a fresh twist to the usual pudding recipe.
  3. Chocolate pudding: If you are a chocoholic, this is a treat for the senses. The texture, in this case, is gooey and the goodness and richness of chocolate camouflage the real taste of pudding.
  4. Yogurt Crunch pudding: If you have guests attending your party who live on diets, a yogurt crunch pudding is the one you need to serve. For this, you need yogurt, fresh fruits, and cinnamon.
  5. Rice pudding: This is an old pudding delicacy primarily made with rice and milk. You can add colour and flavour by serving it with freshly made pineapple and ginger compote.

Try one of the above amazing

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