Startup Review: NSimpl – Simplicity Engineered


NSimpl is a Big Data Analytics and Consulting company based in Bengaluru. The company was established in the year 2013 by two young and dynamic IITians Mayank Gupta and Mudit Khandelwal.

NSimpl helps businesses discover how to become more data driven using data science and by adopting the latest big data technologies. The company has a team of expert data scientists who have years of experience in Big Data Analytics, Warehousing as well as Visualization.

This Indian startup has shown many businesses new horizons of success by helping them draw useful insights from their data pools. Reputed companies like Car Dekho, Senzopt, CartPerk, Sarovar Portico Hotels, Lemon Tree Hotels, Fortis Hospitals, DM Healthcare, Wockhardt Hospitals and Shotang have benefitted from the services of NSimpl. While for Car Dekho, NSimpl helped with Predictive Analytics for Senzopt it helped with building IOT Apps and for Fortis Hospitals the company played a crucial role in setting up Real Time Request Analytics.

This fast growing Big Data Solution provider offers a gamut of dedicated services that include:

  • Creating Big Data Strategy
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Lake Services
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Mining
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Data Visualization and Dashboards
  • Managed Services

The experts at NSimpl have also created revolutionary apps for the Healthcare, Gaming, E-Commerce, Advertising, Media & Entertainment and other such Industries. These applications are not only designed to make customer interaction but also data capturing and processing a seamless process.

When the data scientists at NSimpl take charge of a company’s data pool, their soul aim is to give the clientele simplified solutions for a better understanding of the customer behaviour and business operations.

NSimpl founders Mayank Gupta and Mudit Khandelwal believe that for a business to stay above competition it is important to get rid of raw data and harness the power of structured data. And it is with this belief that they are furthering their efforts to reach out to more and more companies, primarily Indian startups so that even they can get the business insights required to set up and run a successful venture.

NSimpl’s clients are also very appreciative about their efforts and completely trust their data scientists for the management of their data.

The team at NSimpl believes that every business has unique requirements and accordingly designs tailor made solutions for every domain and business vertical. The team’s progressive outlook and ability to think differently is what sets them apart from conventional data analytics companies.

Therefore, if you have to get Big Data analysis and visualization done in a simple intuitive and collaborative way, NSimpl is the name to trust.


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