Technology without Which You can not Think of Living

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technology for human

Technology: The Basics

Technology the term on the whole has been dominating our lives in totality in the contemporary age! Android phones have taken our focus during modern days, and have facilitated the journey called life! Many of the commoners had asked us questions like what these android phones have done to us! It is of course, a matter of fact that, these phones have now become a part and parcel in our daily lives and had served us with utter convenience!

What role do smart phones play in our lives?

smart phone for human

A total reliance on smart phones remains to be very common phenomena in the modern days. Experts do agree that, we had stopped thinking of even our leisure without these gadgets! It is important to note that, such gadgets do play multiple roles in our lives. Most importantly, we have started to rely on these gadgets and these gadgets offer us comfort through replacing other equipments! It is interesting to note that, the android phones nowadays, act as calculators, camera, music players, internet surfers etc. Therefore, each gadget has set very high expectations tailor-made to our individual requirements!

Do you miss the life we used to experience twenty years ago?

Most of the common people, who have now reached a certain age, tend to give a positive answer to this question! Life without a mobile phone in the earlier days, talked about peace and serenity as per the views observed from commoners! As a matter of fact, android phones had taken our peace altogether, and it is imperative that, we had lost every interest in face to face communication nowadays. Therefore, the company of human beings are being replaced by technology which is gradually shaping up various aspects of the virtual world created.

Impact of technology in our daily lives: Positive vs. Negative

Common people like us, had readily acknowledged that, there has been a great impact of technology in our daily lives! A different world has been created called the social media, which had been dominating our thought patterns in the recent past. We are closely associated with each and barriers of state and nations have been broken which is making us interact regularly. This has positives as well as negatives on the whole! Simultaneously, we have been well equipped with various options such as online shopping etc which had changed the perception of life!


Technology had replaced almost each and every aspects of life, during modern times. Intrinsic as it is called the impact of technology have been immense in bringing about new concepts of products as well as services. Experts acknowledge that smart phones, laptops and tablets have been intelligent inventions which had changed the level of activities dominating our day! Technology definitely calls for a basic understanding of gadgets, besides having a cost for maintenance. However, it is up to the individual and his requirements that technology comes to its total usage. There are of course several advantages as well as disadvantages!

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