Ten Best Gadgets of 2019


Our lifestyle in the contemporary context is based on technology. We sleep technology, breathe and eat technology in the contemporary context. Therefore, technology forms the base of our daily lives altogether! Some of the best gadgets of 2019 are as discussed below! 

1.) Gillette Heated Razor

Gillette’s had brought this razor in the New Year and the product has become immensely popular. One major advantage is that, such razors are used without extra blades. At the same time, the product gets heated immediate to the usage. Commercial version is soon to be released.


2.) LG Signature OLED TV R9

New OLED TV is launched recently and the product is destined to gain a major market share. The screen stretches up to 65 inches and rolls out a compact box to the viewers’. Although not having a structured price, the TV can lend a great experience.


3.) Withings Move Activity Tracking Watch

Witlings Move, is a new smart watch which can well attract your attention. The watch has a GPS tracker which can identify your location as well. Having a strong battery back up the product can perform at a stretch.


4.) MoodoGo Portable Diffuser

These are very cute aroma diffusers which had been launched recently. The product can be personalized at your will and hence can be adjusted as per usage. You just need an USB device in order to activate your portable diffuser.


5.) Harley-Davidson Livewire Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson had recently launched their all-electric motorcycle which is better known as the livewire. Targeting at the young generation, the motorcycle is designed for an urban travel.


6.) Nreal Light Mixed Reality Glasses

A pair of virtual glasses which allows you to have a better view of life!


7.) Mophie Juice Pack Access

This is one of the most practical gadgets which allows you to innovatively charge the Apple i phones.


8.) Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant

Telling times, as well as waking you up coupled with charging phones! These three combine the functions of Lenovo Smart Clock.


9.) Samsung TVs: The Wall and The Frame

Samsung TV launched at a new class of screens is a latest gadget which can fit into your bedroom. Having modular capabilities and a great picture quality Samsung TVs are the new talk of the season.


10.) Kitchen Aid Cook Processor Connect

Kitchen Aid had launched a new kitchen counter appliance.  The gadget automatically stirs veggies and chops ingredients to your convenience.




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