The 10 Websites Which are Most Impressive and Most Visited

New-Website-ConstructionSurfing websites have been a favorite pastime with many of us. As a matter of fact, it is important to note that, we do surf such websites in order to find out useful information on the whole. As per a popular site called, certain websites are supposedly frequently visited. Rankings on depend on the average time spent on the website, as well as the number of views that judge the overall popularity. In this blog, we mention about a few websites which have gained immense popularity among the viewers.

The list of the websites is as given below.


Taobao ( – The website was launched in 2003. Rated to be the 3rd most popular website in the Chinese market, each and every average viewer spends at least 8.5 minutes on the same. The website attracts traffic from Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong as well.


This particular website was launched during the initial years, i.e. 1998. Overall, the site has been rated to be very popular, as it provides a very popular life service. The website showcases a number of services and attracts viewers from across the globe.

3. Reddit

download (3)

This is an American site involved in disseminating social news. At the same time, the site had included a content rating process. The site was started by the University of Virginia and had been rated as the number 4 site across the USA.


This site remains to be one of the most popular sites as far as the Indian market is concerned. Although rated as 7th by, majority of the internet users globally use the same as their desired search engine.



This has been rated to be one of the most popular websites which is rated high by Yahoo search is a search engine which has been widely used by the internet surfers.

6. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the most known websites which has received a high rating amongst the users. Keeping aside the rating by, this site is one of the most used sites as far as free encyclopedia sites are concerned.



The site has been launched during the Y2K year, i.e. the millennium. This is supposedly one of the most loved Chinese search engine sites. The site was the first to offer WAP and PDA-based mobile search engine in China.

8. Facebook

faceThis is one of the most popular social media sites that one can think of, in the contemporary context. It has been rated to be 3rd in terms of the most popular social media sites used globally as well as in the US. An average user uses almost more than 9 minutes in the site on a regular basis.

9. YouTube


You Tube

These remains to be one of the most popular sites as far as the download of information are concerned. On an average, a visitor spends more than 8 minutes here on a regular basis. The site attracts viewers from across the globe

10. Google


download (4)Google has been rated to be the first and foremost by in terms of the available search engines globally. Google is known to process more than 40,000 requests in a day.

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