The Best Five Indian Smart Cities for Real Estate Investment

There has been a buzz in the real estate business circles ever since the Prime Minister of the country announced that there would be 100 smart cities set up across the country, to boost innovation and industry. This has been pushing sentiment for real estate investment in the shortlisted cities and even those that have not been included in the cities but are close to, or have scope of becoming among the top few. Here are few picks according to

New Town & Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal: It is time the long suffering Bengal revived itself and arrived on the scene, reviving its status as one of the most important commercial sectors in the subcontinent.  Kolkata has made drastic changes in the past few years, becoming cleaner and greener, the effects of which can be seen all over the city Рclosed and automated vats now proliferate the city, there is stringent waste disposal and better management of garbage, the city roads, especially in the smart cities of New Town and Bidhannagar have been cleaned and paved well so that they are in the best possible condition all through the year. Along with this, Kolkata has five modes of transport which are functioning at a decent pace Рthe metro, the local trains, the buses, taxis and autos, and for what it is worth, cycle and hand drawn rickshaws for better connection within small neighbourhoods. All this has led to a boost in investor confidence.

5 Indian Smart Cities for Real Estate Investment

Indore, Madhya Pradesh: It has always been one of the most respected and viable cities in the country due to its moderate and temperate climate, short commutable distances, easy traffic and good roads. Add to that its popularity as a knowledge hub and you have a win-win situation.

Guwahati, Assam: Ever since the announcement of the list of smart cities, Guwahati has seen a sudden spike in the rates of home prices. It is already home to an Indian Institute of Technology and this announcement is supposed to provide a shot in the arm for many investors who are looking to Assam.

Bhubaneswar, Odisha: With one of the lowest in terms of real estate prices and good connectivity to other metropolitan centres like Kolkata and Hyderabad, it is perfectly poised to take over some of the growth potential of the eastern section of the country. It has access to ports too, which makes it a good destination for the export import business.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat: Regarded by many as the favourite city of the Prime Minister of the country, it is a perfect destination for those who are willing to take an assured return guarantee. It is extremely close to the financial capital, which is a mere five hours way by train, and has good connectivity with the national capital as well, coupled with a business friendly environment.

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