The Bridal Shower Treat!

While functions surrounding a wedding is endless, bridal shower is an addition, not for the western world but certainly for the eastern part of the world. It is a day where close family and friends of the bride-to-be gather to shower blessings, most aptly gifts to the bride-to-be so that her new life with her spouse is filled with abundance

Are you planning a bridal shower for your bestie? Have you yet to decide on the menu? If yes. Relax, here we will list a few snack ideas for the bridal shower that will leave your guests impressed and you are sure to get a pat on your back by the end of the evening!!

1.Spring rolls: Bridal showers are usually organised in the evenings, thus snacks and munchies are all that you need. Spring rolls satisfy maximum taste buds. If you do not want to experiment much on the choice of snacks, spring rolls are the best option you can go with.

2. Pepperoni cheesy bread: You would certainly not want to spend hours in the kitchen preparing snacks and miss the fun of the bridal shower. Thus quick recipes like a pepperoni cheesy bread is what you can opt for. A large flat bread cut into wedges, seasoning of your choice an an oven is all that you need.

  1. Cheese ball bites: Mix cheese, cheddar, garlic powder and paprika and use seasoning of your choice. Form balls and keep them to refrigerate. Before you deep fry coat them with bread crumbs and insert stick in each ball. They look absolutely gorgeous and taste better.

4. Muffins: No celebration is complete without a ‘sweet’ touch. Muffins are an absolute must. The little beauties in varied flavours do not merely satisfy your taste buds buds but also glam up the entire setting.

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