The Challenges of Having Oily Skin

oily skin problem

oily skin

Having oily skin: What does it entail?

Having oily skin can be very difficult for someone especially females. Oily skin entails an enhanced amount of secretion from the sebaceous glands which might cause skin damage. It is important to note that, oily skin is prone to several types of infections as well. Some of the skincare experts repeatedly emphasize that one should be able to take enough care if one suffers from oily skin-related issues.

Oily skin: A few natural remedies

Oily skin is a common occurrence in India and this can really be a menace. Environmental humidity can cause further damage to your skin as it causes you to sweat excessively. Dermatologists or skincare experts emphasize that a regular skincare regime is required in case you suffer from the related problem. In this blog, we give you a few tips which can help you to take care of yourself.

Some home-based remedies for reducing the impact of oily skin:

  1. Cleanse your skin thoroughly. Wipe dry after the bath. Use a moisturizer which does not have an oily base.
  2. Use rosewater or a good quality toner to wipe off the face very frequently.
  3. Try to remain in a temperature-regulated environment especially during summer and monsoons as well
  4. Drink lots of water
  5. Have fresh fruits and seasonal ones if possible.
  6. Take a regular home facial. Pamper yourself from a facial pack which is not oily
  7. Flush the toxins out of your body every now and then
  8. You can consume anti-oxidants based on a doctor consultation
  9. Avoid sunlight. Use a good sunburn cream before going out.
  10. Use a medicated soap if possible.


Oily skin can be a menace, especially for the Indian females. Taking a regular care regime can work out beneficially in the long run.

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