The Top 10 E-commerce Websites Across The Globe


The top 10 websites which happen to be popularly listed across the globe are as given below. These websites have become a part and parcel of our daily lives. Simultaneously, these websites have improved the quality of our lifestyle as well. In order to know more on the websites, please give this blog a thorough read.

1. Taobao

online shopping site

This is a website having its origin in China. Having a huge user-base, Taobao is famous as an online shopping destination. The website hosts different items for being sold which are usually delivered at your doorstep.

2. Amazon

online shopping site

This remains to be one of the best-suited ones in order to implement online shopping. The website is a popular one globally and helps the consumers with various advantages. The online shopping platform provides with a simple user interface as well as options for easy payments.

3. WalMart

best e-commerce websites

Wal-Mart malls are very popular as far as the market of USA is concerned. Offering various items in terms of home appliances, sports items, gifts, e cards etc, and the online shopping destination has been chosen to be a favorite. Wal-Mart when used offers major advantages to the consumers in terms of a user friendly interface and flexible options related to online shopping.

4. E-bay

E-bay happens to be an amazing site offering advantages related to online shopping. Not only buying, such a website offers you with the advantage of selling as well. One major advantage is that, you can buy different products based on your choice. Selecting the products can be done to the fullest advantage and this can be stored in the cart to be bought for a future usage.

online shopping site

5. Target

Best e-commerce website

Target is undoubtedly one of the finest e-commerce sites that can be made available to the consumers. Offering several advantages for the consumers, the online shopping destination remains to be a hot favorite amongst the new-age consumers.


6. Asos

This is one of the fastest growing British online fashion stores. Offering several advantages to the consumers, the online e-commerce site remains to be a hot favorite for the consumers.

online ecommerce site

7. Flipkart

online fashion store

Flipkart happens to have one of the finest e-commerce sites across the globe. Hosting about 500 million footfalls across the globe, the online e-commerce website happens to be a hot favorite amongst the consumers.

8. Shopify                           

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Initially known as Snowdevil, the popular e-commerce site was launched by a few entrepreneurs. As a matter of fact, the online website also have launched a software application of it’s own.

9. Otto

top eCommerce websiteOtto is known to be one of the biggest e-commerce platforms which had originated in France. They also are known in Germany as one of the most popular online e-commerce sites. The site operates in more than 20 countries.

10. Alibaba

Alibaba has it’s origin in China and is understood to be one of the busiest e-commerce sites across the globe. The site had grown largely right from the inception, and had provided the founder member Jack Ma, Peng Lei with a maximum return within the minimum time of launch

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