Top 10 Iconic Buildings in India

What is in a building one may say but a building can speak silently as it reflects the underlying design and core essentials for its occupants. Iconic buildings are not made just to stand out from the crowd but are made to offer a communion with the desires and needs of its occupants while keeping design aesthetics.

Many real estate market places have projects where builders boast of having a unique design element for their projects. Here are 10 such uniquely designed buildings which have over the years become iconic buildings not just in their city but in the whole of India.

1: Bangalore Palace: Bangalore Palace is one of the most iconic buildings in South India which is famous for its replica design from the exotic Windsor Castle in England. Representing the spirit of residents of Bangalore, the Bangalore palace stands proud with a rich cultural heritage from the times of Tipu Sultan.

Bangalore Palace

2: Cybertecture Egg Mumbai: James Law Cybertecture Egg is designed in the shape of an egg keeping the design both environments friendly as well as evolutionary. The building offers more than 33,000 square meters of office space with over three levels of underground parking facility.

Cybertecture Egg Mumbai

3: South Asian Human Rights Documentation Centre, New Delhi : Built on as small as 50 square meter plot the building on South Asian Human Rights Documentation Centre  emphasizes spatial efficiency with a vertical stacking of bricks resulting in direct sunlight for the 10 meters side.

South Asian Human Rights Documentation Centre, New Delhi

4: Infosys Multiplex, Mysore: Known as one of the coolest office campuses in India, the Infosys Mysore campus is built like a big golf ball covering 1.44 million square feet. The office houses more than 15,000 employees with all state of the art facilities like multiplex, training rooms, conference halls etc.

Infosys Multiplex, Mysore

5: Fisheries Department Building, Hyderabad: Fisheries Department Building is a 4-story fish building designed as a giant fish underlining the core motive of the office building. The entrance to the building is beneath a silver fin making it a unique gateway to the building.

Fisheries Department, Hyderabad

6: Infinity Towers, Kolkata: The twin infinity towers are located in Salt Lake and are one of the most iconic buildings in Kolkata which stands tall from the smaller offices and more traditional buildings in the area.

Infinity Tower Kolkata

7: Panchshil Trump Towers, Pune: Located in Kalyani Nagar, Pune Trump Towers is the first project of US President Donald Trump in India in association with builders Panchshil Realty. These are 22 storey tall adjacent buildings that boasts of luxury living in Pune.

Panchshil Trump Towers Pune

8: UB City Bangalore: UB City represents a fort in is outer façade and structure making it one of the iconic office buildings in Bangalore.

UB City Bangalore

9: Bagmane Tech Park Bangalore: The Bagmane tech park is one of the most innovative designed office buildings in Mumbai famous for housing the MNC giant oracle headquarters.

Bagmane Tech Park Bangalore

10: Antilla Mumbai: Antilla is home of the richest Indian Mukesh Ambani and his family and is one of the best known landmarks in the city of Mumbai.

Antilla Mumbai

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