Top Realty Startups in India

India is today one of the hubs of technological startups with a startup for just about every industry. There is no reason why real estate as a sunshine industry should fall behind when it comes to startups. There are many companies offering unique technological tools to make the real estate sector more streamlined and innovative.

Startups for the real estate sector are using their leverage of technology to make sure the end users including buyers and sellers get a wonderful experience when they deal in sale or purchase of their real estate assets in the long run. There are so many startups that are working in the real estate sector. Being a technological futuristic plan, startups are based on unique ideas and that is what will make a difference in the life of builders, buyers and sellers in the long run. Here are some of the top real estate startups offering novel real estate solutions that make life easy for buyers and sellers alike.



Inpod is a company involved in manufacturing and setting up of portable life spaces offering unique modular building systems. Made of inskin, the composite material used is similar to what is used to build yachts. The company initiated in 2013 by architect Nilesh Jadhav is today accepting orders for residential flats and villas.


Bricks Property Investment LLP

Kunal Moktan, Owner Bricks Property Investment LLP

As one of the pioneer companies offering the concept of Fractional ownership of property in India, Bricks Property Investment LLP offers investors part-ownership and a chance to gain from the rental yields. Bricks invest only in prime residential apartments with monthly 3‐4% rental yield and 10-15% capital appreciation making it apt for investors.




As an innovative company offering users the option of looking at some analytics and comparison between properties across cities in India, PropChill is realty based research and Analysis Company. The company has been awarded the 2015 consumer facing enterprise of the year award along with the most admired real estate website of the year at 2016 Global property awards.


Comfortable Homes


Comfortable Homes is a realty startup based in Gurgaon which provides easy living experience and premium accommodation to young working professionals. For property owners the company act as property managers, helping them with furnishing the property, good upkeep, maintenance and ensuring tenants of high pedigree.


No Broker


No Broker is an innovative startup that allows potential buyers or tenants to connect directly with flat owners using map-based search offers crowd sourcing of supply. The portal also offers additional services like online rental agreements to validation checks.


Startups are refining idea to bring forth price comparison tools, using E-commerce for rentals, streamlining real estate classifieds and using virtual reality tools.

Many market places like are already offering virtual reality tools where buyers can check out details and dimensions of properties without having to visit the property in person.



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