Wedding Decorations this Autumn!

Be it any culture, there is an old rhyme that goes – “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”.

Tying the wedding knot in any culture or country in any part of the world involves a plethora of rituals and ceremonies. Until recently, this was supposed to be the trend, but it seems to be changing now.

“We wanted the aesthetic to be simple and as inexpensive as possible without seeming too cheesy” – A couple in North Carolina, who decided to get married in the fall of that year. The city of oaks provided them with a lot of options and varieties to provide the most aesthetically beautiful yet simple wedding decorations.

Fall weddings are best described with beautiful colors and natural settings. A typical wedding scene could be described as a venue with natural fall decorations with autumn leaves on aisle and fall foliage backdrop to give the most amazing pictures. Wedding is one of the most important events in the lifetime of a person and hence, demands the most innovative and unique styles of décor in this season of the year.

Wedding Decoration This Autumn

For the most ‘talked about wedding’ of the year, all you need to take care of is how you will blend the colors and the look & feel of your venue to give a positive and upbeat sentiment to the event.

These are the most popular wedding decorations that one can find all over the world. They might be real ones or made out of silk. They are fabulous to turn a once empty ceremony or reception location into a beautiful and welcoming room for your guests to enjoy. Flowers used in these ceremonies can be recycled and used for the reception in the form of bouquets used as center pieces and altar decors. Different varieties are available during the fall, which include –

Also, large centerpieces can be used in the form of flower motif or garden motif at your wedding venue. Tall and lush centerpieces give a dramatic effect to your guests.

Use Large Centerpieces

Large Decoration
For large open venues, at the beginning of aisle, near the altar or the corners, rustic arrangements of hay bales, corn stalks, and gourds mixed with seasonal flowers, rustic accents such as wicker baskets and weathered crate, and pumpkins can be used as the perfect decors in an autumn wedding setup.

Ideas for Large Decoration for an Autumn Wedding

Autumn Arches
Outdoor ceremony sites and locations call for beautifully designed arches. These arches can be at reception centers or even at photo spots and add to the aesthetic value of the place. The best way to decorate could be to wrap leaf garlands around the arch to match the seasons foliage.

Autumn Arches – Autumn Wedding Decor

Other ideas

  • Autumn wreaths on reception hall doors and around lights.
  • Cornucopias for a beautiful centerpiece filled with fruits, veggies, flowers etc.
  • Wedding cake according to the autumn theme with fondant leaf cutouts.
  • Decorate your location with colored tulle.
  • Candles and lanterns to add to the ambience.


Couples look for a ‘fairy tale’ wedding ceremonies to impress one and all. What makes it a success is a perfectly designed wedding décor. So plan well in advance and hire a good decorator to make your wedding decoration distinctive and an affair to remember for a lifetime.

Happy Autumn Wedding!

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