What are the best technology devices and gadgets for your car?

Best Technology Devices

Best Technology Devices

Technology has taken over, and we can’t deny it. Every body’s life is centered on technology, and this is a good thing. All of us should move ahead and take whatever the technology has in stored for us. The technology has many uses, and there are several gadgets and technological devices our car needs. Think of a scenario. You are in a middle of the desert and your car breaks down. What will you do?

That’s why getting these cool and useful gadgets is not only important but are mandatory. So, what are these car technologies we are talking about?


Let’s say you encounter a minor accident and the other driver is blaming you, when, in fact, the mistake is his. How do you prove it? Dash cams can capture 30 frames per second and will automatically switch on when the car is ignited.


Navigation becomes a lot easier with a Smartphone mount. Without the mount, you constantly need to look down at the phone looking for directions. Use Google maps, and Apple maps and keep them within your eye range.

Starter Kit for Car

What if your car breaks down on the highway and there’s no one around you? A starter car kit is a wise thing to keep in your car. It is a portable device and won’t take much of your space.

Bluetooth Kit for the Car

Yes! Bluetooth car kits are available even for the oldest of the cars. Plug in your device, connect it to your smartphone and listen to music and attend your calls easily.

A USB Car Charger

The last thing you want is a dead Smartphone while traveling. To overcome this problem, a USB charger can be connected to your USB port.

GPS Car Tracker

Do you plan to lend your car to a friend? But, are you worried where will he take your car? Why not install a GPS car tracker and connect it with your Smartphone? This way, you can keep a constant check on where and when he takes your car.

There are some companies that offer you to set a Geofence, this will enable you to receive emails or an SMS if your car goes outside the range set by you.

Radar detector

Speed detectors are everywhere, but you still need to arrive at your mother’s birthday on-time. What do you do? Surely, a fine is the last thing you want! How about a radar detector installed in your car? Sounds good, right?

Mirrors for Blind Spots

Blind spots are dangerous, but with the innovation in technology, the blind spots are easily detected. A mirror for the blind spots is just a light built into the side-view mirrors. When someone approaches your blind spot, it will flash a light and alert you.

Monitoring System to Check the Tire Pressure

Keep a constant check on the health of your tires. These monitoring systems will measure the pressure and temperature of the tires. There are four sensors, attached to each tire and a display that can be plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter.

A Seat Belt Cutter & Glass Breaker

This device is an important addition to your vehicle. Very useful in case of accidents and emergencies.

Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot

Convert your vehicle to a WIFI hotspot with this amazing new gadget.


Mobileye is yet another amazing invention for all the vehicle owners. This product offers the drivers a real-time update of the traffic. The system usually contains a smart camera that needs to be installed on the windshield and an audio buzzer, plus a display for the driver.

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