What Are The Various Benefits of Apple?

benefits of apple

Have you ever consumed an apple regularly and have noticed the impact?

An apple a day can keep a doctor away!

Yes, we are sure that, you must have heard the adage! Apples are considered to be good for health due to the various nutritive properties that they possess. Apples can be consumed not only by children but also by adults as well.

benifits of apple

Why are apples considered to be good for health?

This is a very common question that is asked by many commoners as well as health experts. More often than not, apples are considered to be very good for health as they happen to be a rich source of anti-oxidants. At the same time, apples are considered to be a rich source of flavonoids and add on to the dietary fiber. Having a large volume of phytonutrients, apples are considered to be a shield good enough to prevent certain dreaded diseases.

What are the diseases that can be controlled by consuming apple?

More often than not consumption of apples can help you to overcome dreaded diseases that include:

  1. Cancer
  2. Diabetes
  3. Hypertension
  4. Heart failures
  5. Severe cough and cold
  6. Symptoms related to malnutrition
  7. Anemia
  8. Skin irritations
  9. Have prebiotic effects
  10. Asthma

Since apples are a good source of natural vitamin C, it is easy to consume apples during every season. Since apples also contain polyphenols, it can help you to maintain healthy body weight.

Where are apples available?

Apples are easily available across the local markets as far as India is concerned. Prices may vary based on the quality of apples being purchased. Kashmiri apples or organic apples can be priced a little higher when compared against the normal ones. Apple seeds are useful as it finds use on certain other purposes.


Apples can be really very useful as it contains natural vitamins as well as polyphenols. Apples are considered to be a good source of antioxidants and it can help people to fight out dreaded diseases. Consumption of apples remains to be healthy if done on a regular basis as it promotes immunity as well. Apples can be consumed during all seasons as the fruit can help against stomach infections as well as skin irritations. However, apples are quite costly in India and the price varies based on the quality of production.



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