What is The Importance of Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Women empowerment: An introduction


Have you ever heard of this terminology? This is, as a matter of fact, one of the most common terminologies that anyone can hear of in the contemporary context. Women empowerment is nothing but making the underprivileged understand their worth in a contextual society. Women empowerment requires a careful selection of practices and programs which closely remain to be related towards women welfare.

The significance of women empowerment: Facts Vs Fictions

Women empowerment has been used commonly in a contemporary context. It refers to various programs which can be undertaken in the societal context. Most of the common people who had not worked in such an area frequently ask about the significance of such programs. Such programs undertaken do take care of the women who are downtrodden and help them to live a life of independence.

What does women empowerment entail?

Women empowerment primarily helps the underprivileged women to improve on their skills. This in turn encourages them to seek a livelihood on which they can be proud. Women empowerment programs can range from skill building to resource funding with an objective of developing the quality of life in the downtrodden women.

Women empowerment takes into consideration the following aspects

  1. Skill Development through training and resource funding
  2. Personality Development of the so called ‘downtrodden women’.
  3. Help and support packages to develop marketing activities of certain products produced by the women
  4. Branding and promotion of products to be marketed by a special group of women
  5. Helpline support to generate business queries on behalf of women
  6. Any other related services


Women empowerment is a powerful activity in a society which is male dominated. It calls for a greater sacrifice, a better teamwork, and a comprehensive support for the downtrodden women who continuously tend to suffer in a rigid society.


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