What’s a burlap bag and how it is eco friendly


Burlap is a typically a woven material that we receive from the skin of plants. The fibers of burlap are very strong and durable. These days the use of burlap has increased as this is an eco-friendly material and people nowadays are more conscious about the environment protection. Earlier burlap was used most commonly as a packing material. However, as per the recent trends, burlap is popular as a perfect garden solution.

The versatility of this product makes it most preferable garden material as well as a decoration material.  As we all know that jute bags (burlap) is a perfect replacement of plastic because burlap is an eco- friendly product and is made of natural material, we must increase the use of these bags as much as we can. Further, with the ban on plastic bags, burlap bags have become a perfect replacement for people.

This is very important to know about the product completely, if you want to use or you want to support that product. To encourage the use of most eco-friendly jute bags you need to know that how it reacts positively to the environment, earth and health. Below mentioned details will help you understand how it is eco-friendly-


    Natural fiber- Jute bags are made from jute fibers that we receive from plants. The manufacturers of burlap bags use the skin and outer stem of the jute plant to create designer and durable bags. These bags are made from a hundred percent natural product without mixing any harmful chemical making it a perfect choice for our environment and health.

    Biodegradable and compostable- These burlaps are ideally used for planting as the fibers of jute are available in biodegradable and compostable form.  Despite using these bags just as planter bags, you can utilize the versatility and eco-friendliness of these amazingly great bags.

    Recyclable- After using these jute planter bags, you don’t need to throw them out. These bags are recyclable and various different types of craft and household products are made by recycling process of burlaps. By watching some DIY tips and videos, you can decorate your home with used burlap bags.

    Less use of pesticide or fertilizer- To grow jute a very less quantity of pesticides and fertilizers are required. So, the harmful effects on the environment, earth, and our health are very low in comparison to other plant containers.

    Oxygen releasing quality- Jute in-heals carbon dioxide from the environment and releases oxygen at a very high range. The range of oxygen released from jute plants is much higher than other various trees or plants, again making it good both for the environment as well as for the user.

    Deforestation- The woods of jute plant are equally capable as other woods. Jute plant woods can be used to meet our timber needs and helps a lot in the protection of forests by reducing deforestation.

Above mentioned details are enough to state the eco-friendliness of burlap. Let’s support burlap by buying burlap bags from House of Ekam https://www.houseofekam  comand say no to plastic and other non-eco-friendly products.


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