Where to Go to See the Incredible Northern Lights in Norway?



Norway the Best Place to Experience Aurora Borealis

Norway is surely very cold in winter, but it is one of the many places people want to visit to explore the beauty of nature. It offers various fun activities to enjoy with your family and friends. But among all the reasons, the Northern lights are the ones why people visit the country in the first place. The magical Northern light crosses across the deep dark sky and brings in beautiful swirls of colors. As a traveler, experiencing the incredible Northern lights in Norway will be one of the greatest things you have done in your life. So, if you are preparing yourself for this amazing thrilling experience, read on because we have a lot to share with you!

Is Norway the Best Place to Experience Aurora Borealis?

Experience Aurora Borealis

Now, many travelers are confused between the Northern light or Finland and Norway, and since you are also interested in the same, you need to learn a few things about your Northern Lights trip. Finland and Norway, both countries share the ideal view of this magical light, even every Northern area with the Arctic Circle that comes with high latitude are perfect for experiencing this magic by nature. However, though Norway and Finland both offer the same experience, Norway Landscape wins ultimately. The Norwegian coast comes with a mild temperature which offers a nice experience to worldwide travelers.

The first thing you need to know before visiting though is what is the best time to experience the Aurora Borealis?

How to and When to See the Northern Lights in Norway?

See Northern Light in Norway

The best time to experience this magical show is during summer. If you visit the North, it will be difficult for you to experience this phenomenon as there are more hours of lights. And darkness is the most important thing in this context. The number of lights determines the best Northern Lights season in Norway. And if you want to visit in winter, October to March will be the best pick because these months come with more hours of darkness. If you visit Northern Norway, anytime between late September and early April will be the best time to catch it. Whatever month you pick, make sure to experience more hours of darkness, as more darkness brings more fun in both ways! 

However, the weather can be freezing cold this time of the year. And if you want to do other activities, the lack of daylight can ruin your expectations. So, in that case, late September to early November will be the best time to get to see this as you will get enough time during the day to experience hiking and stuff along with experiencing the greatest phenomenon at night.

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