Zooki launches Krithaa’s textual jewellery collection

Adding another feature to their cap, Zooki launches an all new range of Krithaa’s Textual Jewellery collection. Minimalistic yet classy; the jewellery range is made by handpicking each piece from a variety of discarded pieces into a timeless asset.

The collection depicts a journey of celebrating the innate aesthetics of discarded urban waste-pieces and objects that have a sense of time. It is a story of dancing with restraint, where each design conveys its own unique textural dance works towards exploring the innate aesthetics and meanings associated with metal scrap, waste, leftovers and mechanisms.

The design approach is elemental and subtle within its own celebratory realm. Using different metal textures and parts like coins, screws, nibs, hinges and watches, each product becomes a reminiscence of a mechanism, person, place and time.

The collection is an array of jacket earrings, statement neck pieces, intense metallic rings and many more.

Price- On request 



Meher Chand Market,

Lodhi colony, New Delhi

About Zooki

A multi brand store for Women’s clothing, jewellery and accessories, founded by Charu Singh, Zooki is located at Meher Chand Market, Lodhi colony. Zooki creates a platform for carefully curated eclectic designs displaying varying techniques and materials for those who appreciate uniqueness, fine craftsmanship and creativity in women’s clothing, jewellery and accessories.

Zooki’s product range will focus on dovetailing the rich heritage of Indian textiles, embroideries and colours with contemporary, innovative silhouettes and global trends.

As part of this new and consolidated concept we are introducing, we will be displaying the work of fresh new talent we discover alongside independently curated offerings of established runway designers.

Zooki caters to the well-informed, globe-trotting, fashion-forward and image conscious women in the age demographic of 25 years and up who, while influenced by international icons and styles remain equally appreciative of India’s intrinsic strengths in design and fashion.

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